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Why this hype? Action Army AAP01 Assassin review

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The AAP01 Assassin pistol replica from Action Army is a popular choice for airsoft players. Its absolute advantage is that it uses very little gas, making it an energy-efficient replica. Read our latest post to find out what other features it has. 

How to load a CO2 cartridge?

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If you are just starting to use compressed carbon dioxide powered airsoft guns, you may not know yet how to change a CO2 cartridge. That’s why we have prepared this short manual. In our latest post, we explain how to do it step by step, as well as discuss all the most important issues related to the operation of gas airsoft guns and CO2 cartridges. Read on!

Speedsoft - what is this new type of ASG games all about?

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Speedsoft is a new airsoft game that is gaining more and more fans, although at its beginnings it was approached quite skeptically. It is fast, dynamic and short. And what are the speedoft rules? We discuss them in our latest post and reveal other interesting facts about speedsoft.

Blow Back - what does it do in airsoft guns?

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If you are interested in airsoft guns, you've certainly heard about the Blow Back system. It’s a functionality that increases the realism of using an airsoft gun and provides an enhanced experience. But is it really worth it to invest in airsoft guns equipped with Blow Back? In our latest post we explain the principles of this mechanism, as well as present its advantages and disadvantages. Read on!

M16 vs AK 47

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The M16 and the Kalashnikov are two very popular weapon designs. They are often compared with each other, because they were created at a similar time and their designers shared a similar idea. So, if you are wondering what they have in common and where are the differences - check out our latest post, where we compare the most important features of both iconic assault rifles.

ASG special offers

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We’ve been supplying you with airsoft guns and equipment for many years now, but perhaps not all of you know that we also sell wholesale. We’ve created one of the largest airsoft wholesale stores in Europe, providing services to sellers all around the world. If you want to know the offers and discounts that our customers can count on, and the terms of this cooperation - you’ll find all that in our latest post.

MED - Minimum Engagement Distance

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Why is it so important to apply the principle of minimum engagement distance? Fair-play competitions are the foundation of airsoft fun. One of their basic rules is the rule of minimum engagement distance. It not only influences fair and even gameplay, but is also very important in terms of safety!

Singles’ Day 2021

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Singles' Day is slowly becoming as popular as Valentine's Day. There is nothing strange in that considering the fact that the number of declared singles in society is growing every year. People who do not want to be in a relationship by choice. Singleness is becoming a desirable state to celebrate, which is why we celebrate Singles' Day. We have some ideas for you to get yourself a great gift for the occasion. You can find them in our latest post.

Holographic sight

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Airsoft is nothing more than a game, the essence of which is to reconstruct and reenact the activities and equipment of military units from all around the world. During those operations players utilize many elements of additional equipment - such as holographic sights. What are they and what role do their play in airsoft engagements?

AK 47 - Kalashnikov

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In the long history of the world's militaria, there have been models of weapons which have become part of it not only as iconic military equipment, but also as part of pop culture. Songs have been written about the famous Kalashnikov, it has been the theme of artistic works and has been used in films. But do you know what made the AK 47 so popular? We will try to answer this question in our latest post.