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The end of the year is approaching fast, which means that you need to get a Christmas gift for the men in your life. Regardless of whether you are looking for a gift for your partner, son, brother or friend - we’ll do our best to help you. We know from our own experience that it is not easy to find an original gift for a boy, a girl, Uncle Bob and Grandma Christine, so we will try to make this one easier for you. We will offer you a couple of suggestions for gifts for them that would suite their interests, be useful for them at work or in everyday life and, at the same time, be a unique, one-of-a-kind, special gift.

Each of you must, of course, individually consider which of our proposals will work best for the guy you want to give a gift to. However, we almost guarantee that you will be able to create a gift list for at least a few upcoming occasions. Now let's move on to the most important topic - the choice of a manly gift to put under the Christmas tree.

The perfect gift for the airsoft afficionado

Great to start with for playing on private property to shoot cans and other reactive targets. The CM353 is a spring-loaded shotgun replica, and most importantly, it has up to 3 internal barrels! This allows you to shoot 3 pellets at once with a single pull of the trigger, and thus gain a decisive advantage on the battlefield.

CM353 spring-loaded shotgun replica

As a gift set, the CM353 replica with Specna Arms precision BBs, which provide a very good repeatability of shots, will also prove very useful.

Specna Arms precision bbs


If he is interested in weapons, military or historical battles, or would like to shoot targets in the garden from time to time, he will surely enjoy this one. It’s a basic, spring powered model. Perfect for starting an airsoft adventure and, at the same time, featuring everything that an ASG simply must have. It imitates the famous AK 47 assault rifle, known to every history or military enthusiast. The affordable price of this airsoft gun makes it the perfect gift for a boyfriend, to put under the Christmas tree, as well as for any other occasion. It will definitely wow him!

An original winter gift for a man

A Christmas gift for a any man in your life can also relate to all things winter. Gloves are a very useful gift for the cold season - any guy will be grateful for them, on days when his hands gets cold from the frost. Or rather - they won’t, if you gift him a pair of Armored Claw Quick Release ™ tactical gloves, which are our gift proposition # 2. These gloves have much more to offer than ordinary winter gloves you can find in stores. These are gloves for special tasks that can be worn every day - around the city, for outdoor activities, as well as at work that requires the use of protective accessories.

gloves Armored Claw Quick Release

Armored Claw gloves have a very universal cut, so they’ll look well with both work clothes and winter jackets. Due to the fact that they are made of very durable materials, not only do they actually fulfill their protective function, but also will serve the gifted guy for years. They fit perfectly, allowing to perform precise tasks and even operate mobile touch screens - without any problems.

An original gift for the active guy

Fans of outdoor activities need various types of accessories, thanks to which they can fulfill their passion without any obstacles and worries. Redwood Tactical pants can be the perfect gift for a dude who likes hiking in the mountains or going on survival camping trips. They are durable and functional - thanks to a cleverly designed pocket system. The pockets are also quite discreet and the pants themselves are fitted and cut in a way that differentiates from typical tactical or military pants - so you can also wear them on a daily basis, even around the city.

Redwood tactical trousers

If you need an original gift for a chap who spends a lot of time outdoors, rides a bike or works with heavy equipment, then you should choose Bolle Safety sunglasses. They come equipped with tinted lenses, so they will work well as standard sunglasses - but you can probably already guess that there is something special about them. The strength of this model lies in the hardness of the material from which the lenses are made. The glasses are impact resistant, so they can also be used at work or in activities involving a risk of foreign matter getting into the eyes. These glasses will offer a buffer against such risks.

Bolle Safety sunglasses

A unique gift for the male DIY enthusiast

If you are looking for a gift for a DIY enthusiast, we can safely suggest an organizer, in which he can store and comfortably carry his tools. The GFC Tactical engineering bag will be perfect for this role. Featuring a system of larger and smaller pockets, it helps organize all necessary tools and knickknacks. This is a gift for a man who is a professional mechanic or carpenter, or likes to tinker in his spare time. He will be able to carry it comfortably on his shoulder or keep it in a car trunk, as a tool bag. An enthusiast of survival or airsoft games will also find it very useful - to carry gear and accessories.

GFC Tactical engineering bag

A perfect gift for the spotter-observer

At first glance, binoculars don't seem like a good gift for a loved one. But if you take a little time to re-consider our suggestion, you might find that the PROOPTIC binoculars can make an unusual and unique manly gift - as long as the man in question displays a few characteristic behaviors. If he likes to observe nature for hours on time, always has to watch a passing plane or frequents outdoor events, then binoculars might actually make a perfect gift! The model we suggest is powerful, offering great magnification with compact, comfortable dimensions. The binoculars can be stored anywhere and always be at hand - e.g. in a car, to be ready when the need arises.

Prooptic binoculars

A gift for him that guarantees he’ll be prepared for any situation

Life can be unpredictable, but you can still prepare for some situations. If you need a gift for a man who abides by the rules of Every Day Carry, or you just want to equip him with something that is worth carrying at all times, we recommend the EDC TB1387 Baton flashlight. A universal tool that will prove itself in any task. Its small dimensions make it perfect to fit even in a pants’ pocket - however, don't let its inconspicuous appearance fool anyone. This little guy is really powerful and has up to 300 lumens. It is an original gift for a man who enjoys an active life, at night or in the field, where the access of natural light is limited, e.g. in the forest or in the mountains.

TB1387 tactical flashlight

How to increase your chances of buying the perfect gift for a dude?

If you were wracking your brain for a perfect man-gift, we certainly hope we’ve been of help. Our suggestions are diverse and have many practical applications, so you can be sure that the recipient will actually be able and happy to use them. Useful gifts are what guys like the most - so the man you offer your gift to is guaranteed to be pleased with a gift that he can use at work or in his free time.

When choosing a gift, it is worth considering the interests of the person you want to gift, as it increases the chance that your purchase will be actually useful. A manly gift should make the man in question happy and be a real surprise - and our list of gift suggestions certainly meets these requirements. All items included will make a unique gift for a guy who spends his time actively, at work or outdoors - both if he is passionate about airsoft or survival, as well as when he simply likes hiking and camping. When he performs precise and often dangerous physical work, and when you want to increase his safety during hobby-related activities. A unique man-gift doesn’t have to be expensive or very fancy. It’s enough if it fits his lifestyle.

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