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If you've been waiting for news of what Gunfire has prepared for you for Black Friday this year, your patience will finally be rewarded. We don't want to keep you in suspense any longer, so we’ve decided to lift the veil of secrecy - just a little. For those who’ve lost track of time - we remind you that the end of the year is near, and with it comes November and one of the biggest sales of the year! Get ready for November 26 and Black Friday with Gunfire. We will now reveal to you some of the surprises that we have prepared for this day.

Discount codes for gear from your favorite manufacturers? Promotions on airsoft guns? Or maybe great opportunities to complete your tactical equipment? The answer is yes, yes and yes! We can assure you that each of you will find something for yourself during this time.

Black Friday at Gunfire and around the world

Before we reveal to you our discount plans, we have a handful of news for you - a small one. Don't worry - we won't take up too much of your time, and the news will be worth every second!

The idea of the Friday sales was born - of course - in the United States. Every last Thursday in November, Americans celebrate one of their greatest holidays - Thanksgiving. The following Friday is always a bank holiday. This is a great opportunity to start pre-holiday sales and empty store warehouses before the end of the year.

black friday gunfire

Discounts available in this period of time are so huge that even expensive electronics or products from designers can be bought up to 70% cheaper. Such opportunities incite great emotions. Shoppers line up long hours before the stores open, then run wild I hunt of as many goodies as possible. This is a heated period, often inciting violent incidents - tramplings, fights, etc.

However, you are lucky enough to not have to fight other airsoft fanatics for discounted airsoft guns and accessories. At Gunfire, you can take part in crazy sales from the comfort of your couch - in the safety of your own house

What have we prepared for you at Gunfire? The Black Friday discounts that you cannot miss!

Now let's move on to the most interesting issues and reveal the products we have prepared discount codes for and Black Friday promotions. Our offer is very diverse, because we want each of you to be able to bag a unique trophy. Of course, you can also use this opportunity to start shopping for Christmas presents.

Let's start with the Polish manufacturer of advanced control modules for airsoft guns. GATE brand products are highly appreciated and of the highest quality. If you haven't had the pleasure to use them yet, the upcoming sales will be a good opportunity to make up for it.

At Gunfire, we always take care to provide you with complete solutions, which is why we also offer a wide range of tactical equipment. And tactical gear simply must include Olight lighting accessories - durable and modern, they will light your way in all conditions.

Winter is coming, temperatures are dropping - you will surely be happy with the discount on Armored Claw gloves. Field tested, perfect for tactical use, but also great for everyday work and activities. Their quality certainly exceeds their price.

Perhaps you will also take the opportunity to buy - and at an attractive price, too - the high-quality airsoft guns from a well-known manufacturer - G&G Armament. We know that this is the kind of news you’ve all been waiting for. And when you’re done choosing a new airsoft gun - why not use our discount codes to buy Buckler optics? There are none better within this price range - and they can also be used for real firearms.

We have prepared all this and much more for you for Black Friday. Interested? Great! Because we haven't said the last word yet.

Airsoft guns from Gunfire, for Black Friday

We know very well that what you’ve been really waiting for are airsoft gun sales. After all, we are one of the leading suppliers of this equipment in Europe. We have prepared great offers for both experienced players and those of you who are just starting their airsoft adventure. If you were planning to buy a new / first airsoft gun, now is the perfect opportunity.

CM16 R8-L airsoft rifle

Let's start with a perfect gateway airsoft gun, a great companion for the beginning of the airsoft journey. G&G has prepared it for you as part of a special project, the goal of which is to provide high-quality airsoft guns at attractive prices. And on Black Friday, the price of the CM16 R8-L will be even more attractive, providing you with equipment with great potential for further modifications.

cm16 r8-l airsoft rifle

GBB Glock 19X Green Gas airsoft gun by Umarex

We always try to include classics in our Gunfire sales. This time it is a replica of the iconic Glock pistol. The authenticity of the design is proved by the licensed manufacturer's markings, which you will find on the body and the magazine. The ergonomic, non-slip grip provides great comfort of use, and the Blow Back system will enhance your shooting experience - just like our discount codes and promotions!

gbb glock 19x airsoft gun

CM045 submachine airsoft gun

And now a proposition for fans of the Cyma brand, as well as those of you who are looking for a proven airsoft to accompany you at the very beginning of your airsoft adventure. The CM045 submachine gun is reliable, carefully assembled, and its individual components have been reinforced. Thanks to this, it is not only immediately ready to use, but can also be a great base for further tuning - an additional boon for experienced users.

cm045 submachine airsoft gun

Gunfire - Black Friday discounts for tactical equipment

ASG skirmishes and various outdoor activities necessitate tactical equipment. We have prepared discount codes and black and Friday promotions also for this gear family.

Pheos One safety glasses - Specna Arms Edition

Eye protection is essential, and Pheos One glasses are great for this task. Both during airsoft or survival events, as well as in professional work in difficult conditions. The great advantage of this model is that they will never get fogged up. They are universal, look great and offer guaranteed protection - what more could you want from safety glasses?

pheon one glasses specna arms

PROOPTIC 8x21 binoculars

The PROOPTIC binoculars are one of the most universal items from our promotional offer. They’ll come in handy during tourist trips, survival expeditions, nature watching, as well as sports events. These small binoculars can be used in many ways and are also suitable for everyday use.

prooptic 8x21 binoculars

EDC S1R II Baton flashlight from Olight

It is also worth carrying a flashlight with you on a daily basis. If you need to supplement your EDC set with a flashlight, we recommend the S1R II Baton. It is a very compact tool with high power, which can also be additionally adjusted - thus increasing the working time of the flashlight.

edc s1r ii baton flashlight olight

Want discount codes for tactical clothing? Complete your outfit on Black Friday

The upcoming Black Friday can also be a great opportunity to complete a set of clothing for special tasks. Gunfire's offer includes the latest and most fashionable models from recognized manufacturers of tactical clothing. Soon, some of them will be available at promotional prices.

Armored Claw Shield Flex ™ tactical gloves

Tactical gloves are the basic piece of equipment when working in difficult conditions and when engaging in outdoor activities. Armored Claw is a specialist in the design of specialized gloves. Today, we want to offer you the Shield Flex ™ model. Durable and reliable, and a perfect fit for any pair of hands.

armored claw shield flex tactival gloves

Aboottabad Trail Mid tactical boots by Altama

If you are looking for footwear for special tasks that will work on a slippery and unsteady surface - you’ve just found a perfect pair! The tactical boots we offer have all the features that are key in outdoor activities. They are light and durable, water-resistant, and equipped with a non-slip sole and protective tip.

aboottabad trail mid tactical boots altama

Redwood Tactical Trousers from Black Mountain Tactical

Trousers designed to perform in various - including difficult - conditions must be functional, comfortable and durable. Redwood trousers provide all this and more - perfect for mountain hikes and survival camping outings. You can wear them to work outdoors, as well as for urban activities - they do look very stylish, after all!

redwood tactical trousers black mountain tactical

Kanga fanny pack from GFC Tactical

The Kanga fanny pack is the perfect accessory to carry the most-needed items. You can wear it separately for every-day purposes, or attach it to a backpack or tactical vest - using the MOLLE / PALS mounting system. Thanks to this, it will also work in exceptional situations.

kanga fanny pack

Celebrate Black Friday with Gunfire! Use discount codes and promotions

After checking out so many unique products, you must be feeling even more excited about the upcoming Black Friday. This, of course, is not all that we have prepared for you at Gunfire. Promotions and great deals will be waiting for you at every turn, so stay tuned!

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