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The favorite day of all online shoppers is approaching fast, and who else should you spend this year's Cyber Monday, if not your favorite ASG store - On November 29, we are launching new discounts and rebate codes, allowing you to hunt down both our bestsellers and exciting new products, at attractive prices. This is a great opportunity to round out your airsoft gear with tried and tested products or try out new gear that has caught your eye beforehand.

Where did the Cyber Monday tradition come from?

The end of November is the time of big sales, culminating in Cyber Monday. It is a celebration of online shopping, although stationary stores also take part. Every first Monday after Thanksgiving, there are numerous sales waiting for eager shoppers - even those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday was born in the USA, and the first mentions of it date back to 2005. In the following years, Cyber Monday sales also became a fixture in other countries, finally arriving in Poland.

Top brands for the annual sale at Gunfire

You already know that sales always start around the world by the end of November, but what the stores will offer you remains a mystery every year, until day 0. Cyber ​​Monday at Gunfire is an opportunity for us to present you with a wide range of brands and products. We want our sales offer to encourage you to try out new airsoft equipment or to be a chance to hunt down the gear that you were planning to buy, but were waiting for a discount.

cyber monday gunfire

If you dream of advanced control modules for your airsoft gins, Cyber ​​Monday provides an excellent opportunity to buy modules from the Polish Gate brand, at attractive prices. They are of the highest quality, popular with airsoft enthusiasts all over the world. Olight, in turn, is a tried and tested brand, known for modern solutions in the lighting industry. You can use this opportunity to buy powerful and compact flashlights for everyday use or special tasks.

G&G Armament is one of the leading manufacturers of airsoft guns that probably needs no further introduction. The brand specializes in the production of high-quality, unusual airsoft guns that are highly appreciated and very popular in the airsoft circles. Now’s your chance to try out new airsoft guns and get to know the G&G brand, if you haven't had a chance to do so already.

Cyber ​​Monday is also a great time to round out your airsoft tactical gear - for example, with the optics from Buckler. The products of this company are the best in optical equipment in their price range and can be used with both ASG and firearms. Armored Claw gloves deserve an honorable mention among many different bargain offers - tested in various conditions and circumstances. Whether you are looking for gloves for tactical use or you need protection in your daily work, Armored Claw products will be a good choice in both cases. Their quality exceeds the price, which will be even more attractive on this special day.

Check out our discounts and rebate codes for our top sellers

Our great sale obviously includes discounts for the Gunfire store bestsellers - products that are the most popular in the airsoft circles. Proven, reliable - that is why you choose them. Now’s the perfect time to try them put by those of you who haven’t already.

Maverick 1x22 Gen II collimator replica by Vector Optics

This is a Micro-type collimator, designed for mounting to any RIS rail attached to your ASG. It has as many as 11 degrees of illumination of the target, allowing for free adjustment. This collimator will guarantee quick marking of the target and great precision of your shots.

maverick 1x22 gen ii collimator replica

LiPo 7.4V 1450mAh - 2 30C modules from Electro River

High-quality batteries - not just for airsoft guns. Small and efficient. Fitted for every airsoft gun available and perfect for powering other devices. The battery life is around 500-700 cycles; they handle frequent charging very well. They’re a universal and useful tool that works in various conditions.

lipo 7.4v 1450mAh battery

XT301 Compact MK2 Xcortech sound suppressor

An accessory that will increase the experience and realism of using an airsoft gun. A Tracer-type sound suppressor, which creates a trail of light after each shot. It illuminates special green BBs, which glow in the dark. If you like shooting at night or take part in skirmishes organized in dark rooms, the Tracer sound suppressor will greatly augment your experience.

xt301 compact mk2

FAST 502M-BK OPSMEN tactical flashlight

Next we want to offer you one of the best light sources for your airsoft gun, which you can of course also use in other outdoor activities. The FAST 502M flashlight is compact and of course very powerful, as a tactical flashlight should be. Its power is evidenced not only by the power of its light, but also the material used for its manufacture - durable aircraft aluminum.

fast 502m-bk opsmen tactical flashlight

Universal Electro River Flux ™ Charger

Universal charger, fitted for many tasks. Vital for charging the batteries for your airsoft equipment. It can be used with all the most popular cells - LiPo / LiFe / NiMH.

flux universal charger

Specialized airsoft products for Gunfire Cyber Monday

Our promotional offer also includes advanced products for specialists, often used in professional work.

M30 Earmor active hearing protectors

Shooting is a loud sport - that’s why we want to provide you with hearing protection. In our promotional offer, we provide active hearing protectors, securing your ears against sudden and loud noises, without muffling other ambient sounds. An ideal, very useful tool not only during airsoft games, but also for work performed in noisy environment.

m30 earmor active hearing protectors

Targe 1x25 collimator from Buckler

Another collimator that can be used with both airsoft guns and firearms. Equipment like this has to pass a lot of endurance and quality tests - so you can be sure that it is reliable on the battlefield.

targe 1x25 collimator buckler

Gate TITAN ™ V2 Expert Blu-Set Controller Kit

The Titan system will take the control of your airsoft guns to the next level. Combined with electric airsoft guns, it will ensure the success of every mission. You can use it to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger, enter the burst mode, and protect the battery from damage. These are just some of the features of the Titan system, available at a Cyber Monday discount.

gate titan v2 expert blue-set controller kit

Acetech AC5000 chronograph

A great device for controlling airsoft gun muzzle velocity. Light, compact and durable, designed to measure the muzzle velocity and the rate of fire. All this with very high accuracy, thanks to special and patented sensors.

acetech ac5000 chronograph

Electro River universal battery meter

Universal meter that provides continuous supervision of the battery power levels. Equipped with many useful features that allow you to analyze the power levels of a given device.

electro river universal battery meter


Or maybe you want new products on sale?

During Cyber ​​Monday at Gunfire, we want to offer you not only well-known products that you have been using for years, but also new stuff, fresh on the market. You have surely been waiting impatiently for the premieres of many of them. An we are willing to provide! One of those is the Type 64 BR airsoft rifle from G&G Armament. Its prototype is the Japanese How Type 64, the basic equipment of the Japanese Armed Forces. What surprises has the Japanese ASG manufacturer prepared for us this time around?

The great quality of individual elements and precision of workmanship is not one of them - this is a standard feature in the case of G&G ASGs. What is new, however, is the new Hop-Up system adjustment method and wireless programming of the system. If the new ASG from G&G has caught your attention, now’s aa great opportunity to try it out. Our November sale is right around the corner!

Be sure not to miss Cyber Monday at Gunfire!

The upcoming Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to hunt down discounts on your favorite products and this year's news at Gunfire. Our discounts are limited in time, and the biggest bestsellers always sell like hot cakes. Don’t dally with your shopping - there is no time to waste. Cyber Monday at Gunfire provides you with unique and exciting opportunities!

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