BBs 0,58g

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      Depending on the replicas you used, you are dealing with ammunitions of different weights that affect their performance. The lightest ones weigh 0.12 g and are popular for training and practice preparing for CQB-type games. Currently, some of the heaviest on the market are those weighing 0.58 g. What can you use them for?

      What kind of replicas are these BBs most commonly used with?

      BBs with a weight of 0.58 g is less common, as not every replica supports such weight. Most airsoft models work well with ammunition, which weighs between 0.25 g and 0.43 g. This is due to the limitations of the spring and barrel system that powers the replicas and the resistance produced by the Hop-Up rubber band. 0.58 g BBs are dedicated primarily to the replication of sniper rifles and DMRs.

      Other uses of 0.58 g BBs

      As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that another use of BBs with the aforementioned weight can be special replicas of reusable grenades and anti-personnel mines, but due to the higher price of heavy BBs, firing such a large number at one time is not very economical.

      BBs of 0.58 g is dedicated primarily to the replicas of sniper rifles and DMRs. The models must be equipped with the FULL THRUST system because the balls of this weight are also characterized by a larger diameter - 6.44 mm. The system and the ammunition are dedicated to the shootings played on longer distances. It is characterized by the use of a wider barrel, which gives amazing results, with shots reaching up to 100 meters.

      How are the BBs made?

      To ensure users get the best product, the BBs undergo a five-step quality control system. Each one is measured 4 times and a few random ones are selected from each batch, carefully checked in respect of the weight, build quality, diameter, and even the color, as too little gloss may indicate improper grinding. Each of the bullets must meet the requirements on which the FULL THRUST system is based. 

      Regardless of whether you have a replica precision rifle with FULL THRUST, designed by Novritsch, or you want to supplement our ammunition spraying systems in the form of mines or grenades, 0.58 g BBs are dedicated exactly to this type of solution.

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