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    Observation of the surroundings is an important element in airsoft. It allows you to gain an advantage, create a plan or choose the right tactics in relation to your opponent. If you can see your enemy faster than he can see you, you will gain a big advantage, which may ensure victory. One of the accessories that can help you do this is binoculars.

    Binoculars are a very helpful piece of equipment. As we have already mentioned, they enable you to observe your surroundings in detail. They can be divided into several groups.

    What do the numbers next to the binoculars mean?

    Many people wonder what symbols such as: 8x21, 9x40 or 12x50 actually mean. The first designation refers to the maximum magnification of the binoculars or spotting scope. The second number refers to the diameter of the lens, which is in fact the size of the lens. This parameter is particularly important for people who wear glasses all the time or who suffer from eye diseases which make it difficult to see through small apertures. This is why many older people prefer to take a larger diameter to simply make it more comfortable to look through. 

    Binoculars by size and weight

    Other factors to look at when it comes to binoculars are size and weight. Size affects the portability of the equipment - if the binoculars are lighter, they can be put into a waistcoat or even worn around the neck. Larger binoculars, on the other hand, provide the option of fitting larger lenses. This guarantees a long range, but makes it impossible to carry the equipment with ease. 

    Binoculars and time of day

    Binoculars can also be divided into those designed for daytime use only and those that can also be used at night. The difference lies in one very simple aspect. Daytime binoculars provide only magnification, whereas night-time binoculars may have night vision and thermal imaging built in. The latest innovation is binoculars with video transmission. These allow live transmission and the application of various filters and markers to the image. This provides better visibility and precise target identification.

    Binoculars and accessories

    Many binoculars are used to support rifle scopes. The system is derived from the sniper pair system, where there is a shooter and an observer. The latter, in addition to observation, must also collect other information. The element that can be used are rangefinders. Binoculars are equipped with a system allowing to measure the exact distance to the target at which they are aimed. More advanced versions also have the ability to check humidity, wind strength and wind direction.