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IWI - Israel Weapon Industries

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      Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) airsoft guns

      Licensed airsoft guns are airsoft models that have additional markings of the manufacturer of the original units. Each of them also has an individual serial number. One of the brands whose markings can be found on airsoft guns is IWI.

      What is IWI?

      IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) is an Israeli arms company that is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world. It was founded in 1933 as a state-owned company and was transformed into a private enterprise in 2005. In the military market, the company gained recognition thanks to several legendary models. IWI is mainly associated with the "UZI" submachine gun, "TAVOR" rifle, "Jericho 941" pistol, and the popular "Desert Eagle." It is worth mentioning that these designs have penetrated our pop culture and are still often used in feature films and video games. One can say that there are few gamers out there that will not recognize Lara Crofts pistols or recognize the UZI.

      Desert Eagle airsoft pistol by IWI

      The Desert Eagle is the name of a legendary pistol that uses .357 Magnum ammo, designed by the American company Magnum. Later, this firearm was produced under a license obtained by Israel Military Industries, and the offer was expanded to include pistols using .41 and .44 Magnum rounds. The Desert Eagle is one of the most famous pistols in the world and a pop culture staple - it is used by iconic action movie and tv show characters.  It is also popular among gamers.

      The pistol is replicated by various airsoft manufacturers and can be made from various materials. Cheaper airsoft guns often use plastic - usually, the body is made of it, and the more expensive models are made of metal. Metal is much more durable, making the airsoft replica gun solid and it also looks way more realistic. A great example can be the famous .50AE Desert Eagle airsoft gun produced by the CyberGun company. Similar products are also available in the offer of WE or KWC.

      An airsoft pistol is usually powered by a CO2 or Green Gas cartridge. The cartridge is placed in the grip, and each of these gases also affects the shooting - determines the power of the airsoft gun, which translates into its range. We can also notice the dependencies between gas power supply and ambient temperature. CO2 performs better in low temperatures - compared to Green Gas. The type of magazine is also important, as it determines the magazine's capacity - the more BB’s it can hold, the longer we can keep shooting it.

      What else can characterize Desert Eagle airsoft guns?

      Airsoft pistols are also equipped with various features. The firing mode can be Single Action - Semi or Full Auto, which continuously fires the BB’s. Airsoft guns are often equipped with a Blow-Back system, which causes the slide to recoil. After each shot, the slide returns to its previous position, imitating shooting with a real firearm. The slide can also lock in the rear position, which increases the user's safety. However, choosing such a product is associated with greater gas consumption.

      The choice of airsoft gun model and its features depends solely on our preferences. It is worth looking for an offer that includes all the most important accessories: the pistol, the magazine, and a speedloader. The above description of the airsoft gun may vary depending on the manufacturer of a specific model, so it is worth analyzing the parameters and features of at least a few of them to choose the best one.