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SIG Sauer

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    Sig Sauer is one of the most recognizable brands of handguns, also enjoying great popularity in the world of airsoft guns. Its airsoft versions are famous for high quality and reliability - just like the actual firearm. If you are looking for a proven, reliable model of airsoft gun - check our offer of Sig Sauer products, by recognized and appreciated manufacturers.

    The Sig Sauer pistol vs its airsoft gun version

    The Sig Sauer company was founded in Germany in 1976, as a result of a merger of two firearms manufacturers. The origins of one of them date back to the 18th century, so it can be said that Sig Sauer has many centuries of experience in creating firearms. It has earned world fame and recognition due to a competition for a service pistol for the United States Army. The design proposed by Sig Sauer did not win, but the Sig Sauer P226 model was received with great recognition. It was implemented by the American Navy, as well as police forces from many countries around the world.

    If you are interested in airsoft guns by this brand, you will of course find many more models besides Sig Sauer P226 on the market. Airsoft is a sport in which good quality, repeatability and durability of the equipment are important, which is why other models of this brand also enjoy great popularity.

    Sig Sauer P229 model is also worthy of attention, as it uses unique solutions. The company's main goal was to improve the ergonomics and control of the gun when firing, but also to make it easier to carry the gun concealed. Extremely accurate reproduction, including the screws used, increases the realism of the model.

    But if you're interested in a replica of a US Army service pistol, the gas-powered Sig Sauer M17 will be the best choice. It is made of metal and plastic, with a frame made of polymer, as in the original one. Among other weapons, it is distinguished by its ability to be powered by green gas as well as CO2 magazines.

    Or are you looking for a long rifle? In this case, we recommend the Sig Sauer MCX - a rifle that has been reproduced at the highest level in terms of weight, dimensions and fitting quality. This effect was achieved by making the body together with the handguard on CNC machines.

    Sig Sauer BB pistol

    Sig Sauer airsoft guns are usually gas models, powered by green gas or CO2. The gas container is usually installed inside the magazine, providing the airsoft gun with additional functions, such as the ability to fire with bursts. The Sig Sauer CO2 gas airsoft gun usually packs quite a punch. If powered by Green Gas, its initial muzzle velocity may be lower, so you can take it with you to CQB arenas. For recreational shooting, a Sig Sauer spring airsoft gun may be enough - yes, they also come in this version! All models were made with great attention to detail and maintaining the original appearance, so if you appreciate realistic airsoft guns, the Sig Sauer pistol will be right up your alley!