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Tracer Magazines

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    In videos of airsoft games, players are more and more often using striking, glow-in-the-dark bullets. One way to achieve this effect are the tracer magazines.

    What are tracer magazines?

    Tracer magazines are one of the solutions, next to suppressors and HU chambers, which allows the players to use glow-in-the-dark Tracer bullets. The effect is often compared to tracer ammunition. Tracer magazines look the same as standard magazines and fit in all loader types.

    How does it work?

    Tracer magazines work based on the same principle as low-cap, real-cap or mid-cap magazines. The only difference is the light source and power supply mounted inside. The LED illuminates the balls in the magazine, and they leave the barrel and emanate light for some time. Tracer balls are coated with a fluorescent substance, so illuminating magazines will only provide adequate effects with balls designed for illumination. The second point to remember is to regularly replace the batteries (usually LR41 type) in the magazine.

    For whom?

    Illuminating magazines are a good solution for all players who want to enjoy the glowing bullets, but for various reasons can not use Tracer-type suppressors, for example due to the lack of suitable thread in the target replica, or the use of silencers. Illuminating magazines will work just as well, also when using regular bullets, so there is no need to have two sets. The most common type of magazines are those designed for the AR15 platform. However, with appropriate conversions, you can use them also in replicas like G36, P90 or AK.

    What is the advantage of Tracer-type bullets?

    Illuminated balls are more visible, so you can follow their flight exactly. This will be especially useful during night battles or in CQB-type games where battles often take place in darkened spaces. A player using illuminated bullets is able to accurately determine the hit, and the hit opponent will also be sure they were hit. Tracer balls are incredibly spectacular, which explains their higher price. Not without significance is also the psychological effect achieved, which allows you to dominate over your opponents. Series fired from rapid-fire replicas may even be perceived as comparable to laser beams.


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