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  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica
  • Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica

Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica

  • Material: Metal + Aluminum + Steel + ABS Weight: 2660g Color: Black Length: 810-890 mm Muzzle velocity: ~350FPS Type: Green Gas Manufacturer: PTS
  • Productcode: PTS-02-007364
646,45 €
646,45 €
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Mega Arms MKM AR15 carbine replica


The MKM AR15 replica is the result of an extremely successful cooperation of PTS (previously known for their work with the Magpul Industries) and Mega Arms LLC – the manufacturer of the original, real steel firearm. Thanks to a full license, we can enjoy the authentic markings and accurate representation of the original weapon, fully scaled and made with full accordnance to even the smallest construction details, making the model fully deserve its PTS status (as the abbreviation goes - Personal Training & Simulation). The MKM AR15 is the perfect choice for any user looking for maximum realism in airsoft, and the aim was to bring PTS airsoft replicas as close to real steel firearms as virtually possible.


Nearly the entire structure of the replica is made of metal. Only the pistol grip and the 6-positions SF type stock were made from ABS. The distinctive GTR-3H lower receiver by Mega Arms and the skeletal trigger were also mapped. An outer barrel made of aluminium ends with a 14 mm CCW thread, onto which a flash suppressor was mounted. A long 22mm RIS rail present on upper receiver allows for mounting of various optoelectronic sights like e.g. scopes or red dots, with a set of iron sights also being included in the set. As usually in case of this type of guns you can adjust the hop-Up system after pulling on the T-lever.


The MKM AR115 replica is equipped with a set of 310mm KeyModx rails. It is a universal mounting platform that allows complete customization of the rifle to your individual needs. The project is an "open source" and it was developed by Eric Kincel. The KeyModx set can be modified by adding dedicated segments, such as RIS elements (in form of KeyModx nuts) in any position and any configuration thanks to the configurable KeyModx slots.


The heart is of the replica is a highest quality, enhanced mechanism based on an improved KWA gas system. Using gas as the propellant makes the handling and use of the MKM AR15 very realistic, mainly due to the impressively working blow-back system – the gun's recoil makes a really big impression not only on the operator himself, but also on any observers. The replica is equipped with both a working bolt catch and forward assist.


The gas system is also characterized by very high tightness. Firing the Mega Arms AR15 MKM it's just pure pleasure, notcomparable with any other replica.


The set includes a metal STANAG-type magazine with a green gas tank, holding 40 Bbs.



The set includes:


- the Mega Arms MKM AR15 replica

- a STANAG-type magazine

- a speedloader

- a ramrod

Blow Back

Blow Back (BB) jest to system imitujący pracę zamka (odrzut podczas wystrzału), który spotykany jest najczęściej w modelach gazowych pistoletów i karabinów, jednakże co raz częściej pojawia się on także w replikach elektrycznych. Dzięki temu, strzelanie staje się bardziej zbliżone do ostrych odpowiedników, co zwiększa realizm podczas rozgrywek. Za każdym naciśnięciem za spust, replice towarzyszy tzw. "kopnięcie", czyli odrzut spowodowany zwrotnym ruchem zamka.
W modelach gazowych, system blowback działa dzięki przeznaczonej na ten cel większej części gazu, natomiast w replikach elektrycznych, zamek poruszany jest dzięki pracy silnika napędzającego cały mechanizm.

Product lengte [cm]
Product gewicht [g]
Mondingssnelheid [FPS]

Jest to prędkość kulki, w momencie opuszczenia przez nią lufy repliki. Mierzona jest w FPS (stopy na sekundę).

1 FPS = 0,3 m/s

1 J = 99 m/s

1 J = 326,7 FPS

Vuur modes

System Hop-Up służy do podkręcania kulki podczas wystrzału (wprowadzenie jej w obrót rotacyjny), dzięki któremu, przedłuża ona swój tor lotu. Działające prawa fizyki, powodują iż obrót kulki unosi ją do góry, natomiast siły grawitacyjne naturalnie ją przyciągają. Odpowiednie wyregulowanie Hop-Up, spowoduje wyrównanie tych dwóch zjawisk, co zaowocuje długim i prostym lotem na dłuższym dystansie oraz większeym skupieniem strzału (poprawienie celności).

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Minimale lengte
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