DIY – fixing the Tokyo Marui factory in MP9L Custom Ported

The title of this entry can be quite shocking – fixing and Tokyo Marui in one phrase? What year is it? These are the best airsoft pistols available on the market, that will work in their stock configuration for a quite long time. However, sometimes mistakes can happen, which will lead to manufacturing defects like this one, specifically in the less popular handguns like the longer version of the Marui M&P. Fortunately, this issue is fixable in a very simple and fast way and doesn’t require any specialistic tools.
What’s the issue?
After the purchase of my M&P, I was quite shocked. The legendary reliability and smoothness stopped after half of the magazine was emptied. During the shooting, the slide often blocked in half of its way. The problem was still existing after cleaning and lubricating the slide parts.
After a long research on the web, it turned out that’s not an unusual problem with these pistols. The problem was said to be in the small plastic cap of the guide rod.
To fix it, we have to remove the pistol slide.
To do this, you have to pull the slide back until the special slide cut matches the slide blocking lever. Rotate it by 90 degrees and voila! You can simply push the slide forward and remove it from the pistol.
The next step is to get the guide rod from the slide. Just push it forward until the blocking element will leave the hop up chamber and then pull it up from the slide. Here comes our little plastic problem.
The quickest and easiest way is just to remove the plastic cap. The malfunctions shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Use your fingers or a flat screwdriver.
However, if you’re already having the guide rod out in the open, you can polish it with sandpaper and polish paste. The procedure is quite obvious ;).
After all of that, just lube the moving parts and reassemble your airsoft replica. Don’t worry about the spring standing out from the guide rod. It will still do its job without any malfunctions.
If you’re here, it means you have already got rid of the MP9L Custom Ported manufacturing defect. Have fun with your pistol!
Let us know how do you like the DIY segment! More helpful articles await you here.
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