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Wiley X Saber Advanced - top quality glasses

Data přidání:
Wiley X brand is probably well-known by every Tactical Redneck. Present in the market for years, offering wide range of ballistic goggles and glasses as well as some interesting gloves. As it happened, one of their products has caught my attention about 2,5 years ago when I was looking for some new airsoft glasses…

Tactical vest - different kinds of gear

Data přidání:
We have already talked about our main devastation tool, so now it’s time to talk about the rest of our gear. Today, we’ll discuss the current commonly used types of tactical vests with their advantages and disadvantages during the usage on different fields.

Gearbox V2 vs V3 – Clash of Titans, part 1.

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Gearbox V2 vs V3 for intermediate

Data přidání:
Last time we briefly covered the history of both systems and most basic differences between them. This time I'd like to move to more advanced topics and dispel some myths I described in the first entry.

Rasputin Item Flat Bag

Data přidání:
Flat Bag made by Rasputin Item is quite an interesting thing. First time I saw some photos on the manufacturer's Facebook I had a strong feeling, that it's gonna be pushed into the market for no good reason.

Why do I hate hi-cap magazines?

Data přidání:
Hi-Cap magazines for airsoft replicas can hold up to 600 BBs. Such a large amount of airsoft ammunition means that we do not have to reload magazines for a long time. Unfortunately, this also affects the airsoft gameplay experience. They are bigger, rattle, and eliminate realism. Hi-Caps have their supporters and opponents. The author of this article belongs to the latter group.

The evolution of gear - seven circles of Airsoft Hell

Data přidání:
Some time ago I decided to end my life as a gear hoarder. It appeared to be quite obvious that life of an airsofter consists of huge wardrobe, attic and basement full of gear, but I decided to end this.

Armored Claw Shooter Cold Weather - review

Data přidání:
Fortunately, airsoft gameplays do not end with the arrival of autumn or even winter. However, it is worth taking care of appropriate clothing during trips to the forest on colder days. This was the thought of the Armored Claw brand when creating the insulated version of the Shooter gloves. How do the Armored Claw Shooter Cold Weather gloves work? See for yourself.

Helikon UTP & OTP – where did all that come from? Part 2.

Data přidání:
Yup, now we’re finally getting to those long-awaited OTPs. Helikon has been roasting our curiosity for quite some time now, teasing us during all the fairs and exhibitions they would attend, and finally they’ve decided to let them out into the wild.

Airsoft Screamers, or Total Lack of Culture Syndrome

Data přidání:
Airsoft used to be different. Of course, we used to have different replicas, different uniforms, different playgrounds. Yes, skirmishes used to last even for full day, from 0900 up to 1800… Sure, we didn’t have shitload of FPS or face masks. A lot has changed, of course. But do you know what remains the same? Screamers.

Magpul Comrade - AK-104 PMC by E&L

Data přidání:
You have probably already read my article about the tacticool AK’s (if you haven’t – you can read it here), so today we’ll swap from the theory to the practice. I introduce you the Magpul Comrade – our team modification of the E&L AK-104 PMC replica from the first generation. As it usually happens in Perun, this particular replica didn’t stand that long in its stock configuration and have went through some changes both internally and externally.

Helikon Patriot - my experience & review

Data přidání:
The Autumn is already here, but the airsoft season still lives at its best. Some people may have a little problem when choosing their clothing for the skirmish because of the harsh weather conditions. But no worries, the Helikon Patriot will solve your problems.

My gear - duty belt - 2nd line of equipment

Data přidání:
You already know who I am and probably you know some of my opinions in airsoft world ;) It’s high time for you to learn something about the gear I use. Today’s topic is about a piece of my II line of equipment – the duty belt.

My EDC - by Sinister Boar

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RIS rails on AK – comfort or heresy?

Data přidání:
For some time, there have been heated discussions on forums and groups on the subject of combining AK replicas with more modern types of mounts, such as RIS rails. It is time for us to take part in this debate and present a short overview of possible solutions and accessories for these ASG replica models.

With a wink - GF85 L replica from G&G

Data přidání:
The GF85 L is a G&G replica that is part of a series of replicas of weapons from various countries around the world. In our review, we present an airsoft version of an assault rifle that has been in service with the army of one of the Scandinavian countries for many years. How is the GF85 L from G&G performing? Does it stand out from other G&G replicas? Is it worth choosing it for the main replica? You will learn this from our material.

My opinion - Plush Airsoft

Data přidání:
The BB was flying towards me at a lethal speed of 500FPS. I knew that I couldn't avoid that shot. And then... Pif Paf! It's Plush Airsoft! No tears or pain. But is it still the same airsoft that we know? Please read Fishbonee's comment on this topic.

A handful of lumens in a pocket - G-Light S360 flashlight

Data přidání:
A tactical flashlight is an element that cannot be missing both in a complete EDC set and during a trip to a skirmish. It will be useful both in everyday situations and during operations in dark rooms. Today we present the G-Light s360 compact flashlight. See for yourself!

Fedrunek 2016 ver. 2 maneuvers - a short report

Data přidání:
How was it on the Fedrunek 2016 ver. 2 maneuvers? Well, it was tactical, cold, long and practically without sleep – just like the real commandos like it. In my opinion, this was one of the best game that I had taken a part in.

My EDC - what do I carry and why?

Data přidání:
Basically everyone who #digsit has heard the term “EDC”. To be honest, EDC exists probably since the very beginning of mankind, but only recently humanity has given it the specific name in order to make money (like with many other social, cultural and other phenomenon).

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