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Playing Airosft in the rain - basic tips

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Skirmishing during the summer - useful tips

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The summer airsoft season is a dream time for players. Beautiful weather, holiday season, and the summer atmosphere that surrounds us. All this makes us more willing to grab airsoft replicas and go to airsoft battles. Unfortunately, the summer games may have certain risks, such as dehydration or overheating. How to protect yourself when playing airsoft in the summer, what to take with you and what to remember? You will learn from this material!

Basics of Airsoft camouflage part 2 - available solutions

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The second part of our guide to the basics of airsoft camouflage. In the next post, we present equipment available on the market that will make it easier for you to hide during airsoft games. We present camo suits, scarves, tapes, and other solutions for adepts of the art of airsoft camouflage. We wish you a pleasant reading!

Hair Trigger Mod: is it a good or bad thing in airsoft?

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Tuning and modifications of the airsoft replica allow for a significant improvement in its functionality and performance. There are many options to improve your stock products. We can increase power or durability. The new trend is for players to focus on improving the rate of fire and trigger response. Such a modification is called hair trigger. Is it an improvement or just a popular trend? You will learn that from this material!

Airsoft camouflage tips part 1 - the basics

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The close distances of airsoft games mean that the appropriate camouflage significantly increases our effectiveness. How to paint your face, choose a uniform or prepare a replica? You can learn it from the new series of articles covering the topic of airsoft camouflage. In the first material, we start with the basics such as the pattern of the uniform, masking the replica, or using the surroundings.

Painting an airsoft replica - DIY

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Camouflage is one of the factors that affect the effectiveness of our actions during airsoft games. It consists of several elements such as the appropriate color of the uniform, face painting, additional camouflage elements, and painting the replica. This last point can pose many problems, but in fact, it is quite a simple task. Today we will show you how to start painting an airsoft replica and possible versions of replicas camouflage.

CM.060 [P90 CYMA] -a review

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Don't drink and shoot - airsoft & alcohol

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Airsoft skirmishes, especially small weekend games, are a great opportunity to meet friends and have fun. However, if you want the airsoft fun to last as long as possible, it is worth keeping a few basic rules. One of them also applies to alcohol when playing airsoft. Have you been drinking, do not shoot, or maybe one beer doesn't matter? What does our author think about it? Enjoy reading!

Armored Claw Shield Flex gloves- review

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Primal Gear Waist Bag

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DIY: the last bb problem in the Specna Arms magazines

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If after shooting, the last BB stays in your Specna Arms magazine, this article is for you. A BB remaining in the magazine may indicate a jam, BB damage, or the end of the ammunition. This is not a problem that ruins our fun, but it can irritate us. How to deal with it? You will learn from this material. We assure you that it will not be a difficult task and will also broaden your service skills.

SHS parts - why so hateful?

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The SHS brand offers several parts for airsoft replicas. Their offer includes elements for both repair and tuning. Unfortunately, despite the good price-quality ratio of these products, they do not enjoy a good reputation. Why is this happening? Is it just hate or an expression of justified and supported by practice criticism? Our author ZłowrogiKnur tries to answer this question. We invite you to read!

A useful gadget - the GFC Speedloader

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Playing with mid-cap magazines requires more of them. However, how to quickly load many magazines for an airsoft replica during the game? The GFC brand comes with a solution - a cartridge speedloader. It is an interesting alternative to syringe-type loaders. How does this new airsoft gadget work? We test it in the new article!

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