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Primal Gear Equipment - my review

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M-Lok, KeyMod, RIS/RAS - what are the differences?

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Are you wondering what is the difference between M-Lok and KeyMod? Be sure to read this text! We present the most popular mounting systems in airsoft replicas. Are you looking for the best front rail for your replica model? You will certainly find interesting information here. Start reading!

Theta Optics Battle Red Dot - a review

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FPS and the airsoft community: plush airsoft vs hardcore hardball

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FPS has been stirring up a lot of excitement in the airsoft community for many years. Too much power of the replica can be a threat to other players. Too little will take away a lot of fun from the game. But is FPS a source of all evil? Maybe it is a matter of keeping safety rules while playing and common sense? Read the post with our opinion on this topic!

Red dot or magnified optics?

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Theta Optics XTO - inexpensive HWS

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One of the basic accessories for an airsoft replica is a sight or scope. The optics allow us to improve our effectiveness during the game, and the cool model adds a lot to the fame status. If, however, we do not want to spend a fortune on a new airsoft sight and we are looking for a simple and proven solution, it is worth checking a red dot sight. In this post, we present the Theta Optics XTO sight.

Airsoft fields vs playing in the wild

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Proceeding the topic of airsoft games and payment for participation, we invite you to read the article about airsoft fields. What is the difference between airsoft commercial fields and playing in the forest? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of locations? You will learn from this material!

Why airsoft is a figure of fun?

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Infantilization, Screamers, or commando pretend some of the many problems that plague our beautiful hobbies. They also often cause a smile of pity on the faces of our friends when we talk about the last shooter. Why is this happening? Let's try to analyze it.

Terminators - where do they come from?

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Terminators are both the bread and butter of many shooters. However, it is worth delving into this topic not only to criticize but to find out the reasons and draw conclusions for the future. Maybe this will help to improve the quality of ASG games. We invite you to read it.

Why the airsoft is cool?

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Don't know how to convince your parents to your new hobby and buy their first airsoft replica? This post is for you! We present the advantages of playing airsoft, which will surely convince both skeptics and those who still hesitate to try their hand at shooting.

Choosing a backup airsoft replica

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A shotgun, a pistol, or an airsoft carbine? With time, in our airsoft career, we will have to choose a backup replica. It is worth buying a second replica, which will save us from spending the whole game on respawn in case of problems with our main replica. If you do not know what to choose, we encourage you to read our new material!

50 shades of living with an airsofter

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Your boyfriend spends hours in front of the mirror, trying on uniforms or adjusting pieces of equipment? Gear is pouring out of the wardrobe, and the next replica model is already on its way? These signs show that you are dating an Airsoft player!

Airsoft optical devices - scopes, sights, optics

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In the latest post on sights for airsoft replicas, you will find a handful of tips mainly aimed at novice players. We present the basic differences between optical accessories, a guide, and tips on what to pay attention to when making your choice. From mechanical sights through collimators, scopes, and lasers. We invite you to read!

Everything should be free - that is, about paying for airsoft games

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To pay or not to pay, that is the question. With quite a lot of airsoft events, the issue of paying for participation in a shooter can become a problem and a bone of contention. We present a few thoughts on the topic of paying for airsoft shooters. What are the pros and cons? You will learn from this material. We invite you to read!

WMASG vs Facebook, czyli Leśne Dziadki kontra Młodzi Wilcy

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Armored Claw Shield Flex Gloves – review

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Are you looking for durable gloves that protect your hands during airsoft and CQB games? See if the Armored Claw Shield Flex tactical gloves are for you! Armored Claw gloves offer good quality at a very attractive price. Has the manufacturer managed to create adequately armored gloves in this price range? We invite you to read!

Airsfot medium magnification optics – what’s available on the market?

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Choosing the right optics for an airsoft replica is a real deal. Especially if we aim at more advanced types of scopes. In this material, we present airsoft optics models with medium magnification available on the market. Which scopes to choose? You will learn from this material!

Airsoft red dot sights. What’s the most popular on the market?

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An airsoft collimator is an interesting alternative to a scope. The red dot sight is usually smaller, handier, and allows for faster target acquisition. It is also a more economical option. What are the types of collimators? What to pay attention to when choosing a model for our replica? You will find out in our new article!

Keep that finger of the trigger! The airsoft health and safety rules.

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There is absolutely no doubt that the safety is the most important aspect of the airsoft games. The older players probably know the simplest rules very well (but it’s never too much) and do all that they can to make everyone else to obey them.

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