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3 accessories for your airsoft replica to improve your game skills.

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The effectiveness of our game depends to a large extent on skills, not on the equipment. But let's be realistic. A high-quality ASG replica and well-chosen accessories can improve our effectiveness on the battlefield. In this article, we present three accessories that can help you to develop your technique without breaking your budget.

Camping out during long airsoft games - where does it come from?

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During long airsoft games, a significant group of players sit or nap at respawn. Instead of going out into the field, they prolong their stay at the base. This phenomenon, called camping, is more frequent and can be easily noticed at events lasting several days. What are the main reasons for such behavior? We have several hypotheses!

The unification of the type of magazines in airsoft team - what can go wrong?

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One of the stages of development of our airsoft team is unification. We choose uniforms with a similar masking pattern. We wear the same patches or headgear. One of the elements of this process is also the unification of airsoft magazines. Is it possible? What are its advantages and disadvantages? You will learn that from this material.

Maintenance of the airsoft replica. How to maintain and care for an airsoft replica?

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The maintenance of the airsoft replica allows you to keep it in good condition for many seasons. Unfortunately, many of us hide our equipment in the closet right after returning from the game. What treatments extend the life of our replica? Here are some basic activities that we can perform when maintaining airsoft replicas.

Vest, chest rig or maybe a belt? - Types of tactical gear

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Are you wondering how to carry accessories for an airsoft replica? Airsoft vest, chest rig, or a belt? Or maybe it's worth packing everything in a backpack or a replica bag? We present various options for carrying your tactical gear. The choice of models is quite large, but Maniek 44 will easily guide you through them! We wish you a pleasant reading!

5 Essential items to start your airsoft career.

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Every airsoft beginner knows that the first equipment purchases should include a replica, goggles, and BBs. However, there are items that we do not think about when starting our airsoft adventure, and which will certainly be useful to us. Here are 5 things that will help you keep the replica in good shape and improve your gameplay comfort. A must-read!

Airsoft BB's - which ammunition is best for my replica?

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The appropriate selection of BBs for an airsoft replica is one of the most important dilemmas of a beginner airsoft player. What weight should I choose? What type? What brand? Maniek44 will try to answer these and other questions, using as examples his replicas. We wish you a pleasant reading!

Special effects for airsoft – what’s on the market?

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It is often said, that airsoft is like live FPS games. One of the things, that airsoft can lack off is something that will simulate that battlefield vibe – explosions, smoke and bangs. They not only make the game more attractive but also give a tactical advantage when properly used (more about airsoft pyrotechnics safety here). They can be used to clean hills or rooms or give a smokescreen to cover the assault squad. Sounds cool, right? Actually, it’s not that hard to implement these things into the airsoft skirmish. moreover, they’re already easily available on the market. Depending on the rules of the games, you can use both pyrotechnic solutions and green gas products.

Am I sniper now, or not yet? SA-S03 CORE review

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In the beginning, I would like to say that it won’t be a typical detailed review of the replica, but it’s description with the addition of my personal opinion. I am not a user of airsoft snipers. I am a casual AEG and GBB user, who just got a 420 fps spring-loaded bolt action rifle into his hands. What’s the purpose of this kind of budget sniper airsoft replica, where can it be used and what’s its potential? We’ll see. Meet the SA-S03 CORE Sniper Rifle Replica from Specna Arms.

Primal Gear Otter – test of the EDC waist bag

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Some time ago I bought a Primal Gear Waist Bag, which since then is still well and serves bravely, but due to its large size and large (sometimes too large) capacity, it has become a bag for longer field trips. or airsoft games rather than for everyday use (full review here). To walk with it around the city, as an EDC (Every Day Carry) gear I’ve picked a different waist bag from the offer of the same manufacturer. Lighter, more compact and more comfortable. Let me present to you, Primal Gear Otter Waist Bag!

Cytac FastDraw 1911 – a review!

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If you’re a fan of airsoft handguns you definitely have heard about the Cytac. They’re on the market for not that long and offer holsters and accessories – special mounts, molle adapters etc. They also sell solid, polymer pouches for the magazines and even the dedicated ammo boxes – so even real shooters will find something they desire. Today we’ll talk about one of the Cytac holsters – the FastDraw.

Airsoft pyrotechnics safety 101

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Pyrotechnics such as grenades or flares adds a lot of realism to the airsoft gameplay and increases its effectiveness. However, it is worth remembering that airsoft grenades must be handled with the utmost care. So how to use pyrotechnics while playing airsoft? What safety rules should you remember about? You can find out in our article.

Tactical Laptop Carrier – new bag from GFC Tactical

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And now for something completely different! I generally don’t tolerate bags – don’t like them, don’t use them, don’t care about them. I believe that good backpack is way more useful and functional and there’s absolutely no point in using a bag instead. But! A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will, so when situation forced me to carry my laptop home from work, and my laptop was way too big to fit into my faithful Wisport Sparrow (but I tried, boy I tried!) I decided to give bag a try. What the hell. Of course there’s a lot of cool backpacks in the market that would be perfect for my computer, but as it just happened, I had access to new, Tactical Laptop Carrier from GFC Tactical. Hence the review – enjoy!

Airsoft traning – what can you train with your team?

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It is said that practice makes perfect. But in the airsoft? “It’s just running and gunning with bb guns, and the biggest job are doing the dollars that are put in the gearbox. A proper tactics and coordinated actions can change the situation drastically, so it is worth to train them from time to time with your team, instead of going only for the sunday skirmishes. But that could be topic of the team training? Here I come with the help.

DIY – fixing the Tokyo Marui factory in MP9L Custom Ported

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The title of this entry can be quite shocking – fixing and Tokyo Marui in one phrase? What year is it? These are the best airsoft pistols available on the market, that will work in their stock configuration for a quite long time. However, sometimes mistakes can happen, which will lead to manufacturing defects like this one, specifically in the less popular handguns like the longer version of the Marui M&P. Fortunately, this issue is fixable in a very simple and fast way and doesn’t require any specialistic tools.

DIY - poor man's bakelite (fakelite) magazines

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Are you dreaming of a Bakelite magazine for your AK airsoft replica, but you don't have any at hand, and you don't want to bother with modifications? Read our latest article! We will show you how to easily convert ugly plastic replicas of magazines into beautiful Bakelite magazines or actually Bakelite. See for yourself!

Real firearm red dot sights on airsoft replicas - is it worth it?

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When choosing optics for our airsoft replica, it is worth considering collimators and scopes for firearms. Thanks to the standardization of the mount types, we can easily attach the collimator for the firearm to the replica. Firearm optics offer better image quality and durability than airsoft counterparts. Is it worth paying extra for a firearms collimator? We will answer these and other questions about optics in our material!

Primal Gear Vasak - test of a gun bag

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Some elements of the airsofter's inventory are extremely underrated, while actually they are important part of the mandatory equipment whether we want it or not.

Friendship with Wuzeta is over, Pencott is my new best friend

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At the beginning of this blog, when introducing myself, I've told you that I'm using the polish camouflage wz 93 Pantera Leśna...

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