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      HK 417

      The HK 417 is an automatic rifle that was designed in the American subsidiary of Heckler & Koch. It is designed to be loaded with a 7.62 mm NATO cartridge. It is an automatic rifle, hence the powder gases are discharged through a side opening in the barrel. The model is equipped with a short-stroke gas piston and a rotation lock. Its first prototype was presented in 2006 - at that time the barrel was 320 mm long, and the rifle was loaded with the G3 rifle magazines. Due to the fact that this solution did not perform its function properly, at the end of the same year the brand presented a new solution - polymer magazines, the feeder of which cooperated with the lock latch.

      The presented firearms can be equipped with aiming devices, such as a folding foresight as well as a barrel sight with an aperture sight and sighting glasses. Instead of a bed, the rifle has been equipped with four mounting rails, which allow the mounting of a sight, a laser pointer or lighting.

      Originally, it was available to military and federal police forces, but a replica of the HK417 rifle was also created in a self-repeating version for the civilian market.

      What makes a replica of the HK417 rifle stand out?

      The replica of the HK417 rifle was made under the licence of Heckler & Koch, hence its body is marked the same as with the firearm equivalent. It is made of metal and plastic. Thanks to the use of a CNC numerical device, it was possible to accurately reproduce the metal parts. It is equipped with an adjustable flask, which makes it easy to adjust to the posture and needs of a person by setting it in six different positions. It is worth mentioning that it is equipped with a bolt catch for easy access to the Hop-Up chamber.

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