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Heckler & Koch

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    Heckler & Koch - a globally recognised brand

    The Heckler & Koch brand is one of the best known manufacturers of militaria in the world. The founders of the company were Theodor Koch, Alex Seidel and Edmund Heckler, who gained their experience at Mauser-Werke, where they worked in engineering positions.

    Heckler & Koch top models

    Working on their brand, Koch, Seidel and Heckler created many designs that revolutionised the militaria market. Today the most recognisable models are the G3, G36 and HK416, which have been the main equipment of both the German army and soldiers of many NATO countries over the years. The MP5 and MP7 are still used today by the Secret Service, or GROM. The design of these models revolutionised the PDW (Personal Defence Weapon) market.

    Advantages of Heckler & Koch replicas

    Modeled after Heckler & Koch designs, airsoft replicas are durable, handy and reliable. They are often a lighter and better quality alternative compared to the competition. The MP5 and MP7 models are the ideal choice for CQB-type combat. These designs are compact, comfortable to use and ensure a high rate of fire.

    The G3, G36, HK416 or HK417 work well as a main replica, regardless of whether you are talking about assault rifles, support rifles or DMRs. The G36, thanks to the use of composites, is lightweight and feels good in the hand. The targeting instruments used are another plus - they are very clear and easy to use, even for a novice player. Most Heckler & Koch designs take into account the needs of both right- and left-handed users so that everyone can equip themselves with the company's top models.

    Additional equipment

    Some models are equipped with additional gear available as standard, such as the built-in bipod in the MG36 replica or the quad magnification scope in the G36K. These solutions can provide an interesting way towards diversification for those thinking of buying additional optics. 

    Whether you choose the HK USP, HK45 or VP9, all designs meet the most important requirements of virtually all players - they are simple, reliable and, most importantly, fun to use. Thanks to their popularity, the originals are standard equipment in many special units around the world. Fans of cinematic shooters are also familiar with them from box office productions, including the Call Of Duty series or the John Wick movies.

    Whether you are a novice or a veteran player, the designs from Heckler & Koch are a solution you should consider. Both as a main replica and as an auxiliary replica, they will be an ideal addition to your tactical equipment.