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    Walther - some of the best designs on the market

    Walter is renowned for its austere shapes and unprecedented precision, and the principles set by its founders are almost emblematic of German companies with such a rich tradition. Despite more than 100 years of presence on the market, the designs of this company still offer freshness and enjoy a very good reputation.

    Walther, alas tradition

    The company has been on the market since the second half of the 1880s. At that time, the production of hunting and sporting weapons began in what is now Thuringia. Over time, the company also began producing models for the military. The result of this development was a design called the Model 6, which became part of the equipment of the army of the German Empire in 1915. The gun was straight, long and fed 6.35mm caliber ammunition. As soldiers complained about several flaws, work began on improving it. In the following years, new designs allowed the release of further models that became basic equipment for the armies of the Third Reich. Especially such models as Walther XP, PPK and P38 should be mentioned here.

    After the war, Walther tried to participate in international tenders but won only in Germany. Over time, the products gained recognition in the German police (P88), but also gradually developed a wide audience abroad. However, the high price of the models on offer stood in the way of greater success. This trend changed with the release of the P99, which has been in production since 1996 and was used by the Polish police.

    Walther replicas

    Walther pistol replicas have become very popular among airsoft enthusiasts. Especially in reconstruction groups, the P-38 is the most popular model. However, the P99 and PPQs are especially famous among players who opt for contemporary pieces. Lightweight and compact composite construction are their main advantages.

    It is worth mentioning that some replicas, e.g. the P99, are equipped with a system called Anti-Stress - a long trigger path at the first shot. This system protects against unwanted shots. Also, special grooves on the lock facilitate quick and comfortable reloading, even when the lock is cold and slippery. Every modern replica is also equipped with a mounting rail under the barrel to accommodate a torch or laser.

    Walther replicas are an interesting alternative to Glocks, Berettas, or Colts. The design is very different from other models in this class, which gained both great support and opposition among the players. Try it out and decide whether the solutions proposed by the company meet your expectations.

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