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    STI International INC Replicas

    STI International is one of the most popular manufacturers of firearms and shooting accessories in the USA. For some time now, the company has also been offering its products in an ASG version, while maintaining the same high quality.

    Licensed replicas, which ones?

    Licensed replicas are ASG replicas for which the manufacturers of the firearm counterparts have decided to grant a licence. Collaboration between manufacturers of originals and their airsoft counterparts can take many forms. Starting with the basic right to officially use the name and logo in the product name and its packaging, through the placement of trademarks, i.e. full marks on the replica, to full engagement in the design process and production of the replica. More and more arms companies stop treating ASG replicas as gadgets, seeing them as professional tools used in the training of soldiers and operators of special units.

    STI International

    STI International is a Texas-based manufacturer that has also been known as Staccato for some time. In its advertising materials, the manufacturer emphasises that the company was created by veterans and patriots, and it is to them that it addresses its offer. As it states on its website, up to 25% of its staff are people with a history of service in the US military. Their products are, as befits the Americans, mainly variations on the AR15 and Colt designs, which are especially popular among representatives of such units as US Marshals SOG, Texas Rangers or LAPD. In addition to ready-made constructions, the manufacturer offers spare parts and accessories such as optics, holsters or the much-loved (not only by airsoft players) “morale patch”, i.e. Velcro patches with funny phrases, often referring to pop culture.

    STI replicas

    STI, or in fact Staccato, is a manufacturer that is very careful to share its licence. Replicas signed with this name belong to the airsoft premium class. The precision of manufacture, materials used, and finally the reliable operation are reminiscent of their firearm counterparts. Particularly noteworthy are gas short replicas of the Hi-Capa type, i.e. a development version of the cult Colt 1911 adored by all Americans.