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Vojenská uniforma

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    Uniform sets - description and characteristics

    Uniform sets for airsoft

    The airsoft tactical uniforms are as important as a replica, tactical goggles or a face mask. Of course, you can play in ordinary sportswear, but most airsoft enthusiasts definitely prefer the military uniform, because it contributes to the realism of the game and allows you to identify with a given military unit. Military uniforms are not only a great addition to styling but also a very practical outfit. Properly chosen outfit is an element of camouflage, which can give you a huge advantage over the opposing team. Currently, there are many patterns of tactical uniforms available, which faithfully reproduce the clothing of real special units.

    Airsoft is not just about shooting

    Airsoft is a game in which players shoot at each other with composite balls. Remember, however, that the accuracy of the players or their tactical actions are as important as the atmosphere during the game. Attention to detail often makes airsoft lovers invest more in the uniform than in the replica itself! While contract outfits are quite expensive, you can dress up using the ready-made uniform sets available on the Gunfire website. It is also an ideal choice for beginners who will not yet be able to assemble a full uniform by themselves. The most popular designs are of course WOODLAND and MULTICAM. Good quality clothing definitely affects the player's appearance, but tactical uniforms are also a guarantee that the clothing will withstand the conditions of the game. Moreover, they are much more comfortable than traditional clothing and allow you to carry additional equipment.


    Without a uniform we are, of course, able to take part in the game, but let us remember that in airsoft, a uniform is part of our camouflage. A properly selected outfit will always be a desirable element of tactical equipment. All the more so, as a faithful reproduction of the details of real military units, both in terms of equipment and other accessories, is what matters in the game.

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