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  • Raider Protective Glasses (Kit)
  • Raider Protective Glasses (Kit)
  • Raider Protective Glasses (Kit)

Raider Protective Glasses (Kit)

  • Material: Polycarbonate Weight: 35g Frame colour: Black Lens colour: tinted/transparent/yellow Optic class: 1 Durability class: FT UV Protection: EN 170 Manufacturer: Bollé
  • Kód výrobku: BOL-41-009738
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1 788,00 Kč
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Raider Protective Glasses (Kit)

Bollé Tactical brand has become a synonym for quality and enjoys an international acclaim for many years now among members of armed forces and civilian clients. Raider is a new generation of professional, extremely lightweight and durable ballistic glasses that offer highest degree of protection – they are in compliance with STANAG norms required by NATO.

The glasses have been assigned F and T hardness index, the surface of the protective lenses has been covered with an agent that prevents formation of foam and scratches on the lenses. The lenses themselves have been made from polycarbonate. Glasses provide UV protection, guaranteed by EN 170 norm. 

The lenses are supposed to withstand an impact from a steel, 6mm BB weighing 0,86g at a speed of 45m/s (F class).

High wearer comfort is provided by elastic frames with anti-slip inserts. The modular structure of the glasses allows for fast lens exchange and adaptation to current weather conditions. The glasses can also be easily turned into googles by attaching a strap and internal foam insert.

Implemented technologies:

Anti-Fog – an anti-foam layer that allows to operate in optimal conditions by removing the effect of condensation, which occurs when there are significant differences in temperature or when unventilated frames are worn.

Anti-Scratch – improves lenses durability, reduces formation of scratches. In addition, lengthens longevity and improves user comfort by preventing scratches, which might negatively impact vision.

Removable temples – the ability to quickly turn glasses into googles via attachment of additional strap (included in the set).

The set includes:

-          Glasses with transparent lenses

-          Tinted lenses

-          Yellow lenses

-          Additional polymer and foam insert

-          Protective case

-          Microfiber cloth

-          Adjustable strap


This product is of highest quality and has undergone stress tests adequate for its hardness class. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to impact from solid objects within the hardness class or awarded certificates. Despite that, in the case of incorrectly adjusting the product to a body, its usage may not eliminate the risk of bodily harm, for instance, when the BB falls under the protective lens as a result of ricochet. That is why before use it is advisable to adjust the eye protection to the needs of individual user. Protective qualities of the product may change as a result of inappropriate usage or maintenance of the aforementioned product, e.g. by cleaning the lenses with inappropriate agents. The vendor does not bear responsibility for any bodily harm resulting from inappropriate adjustment and usage of the aforementioned product.

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