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Freebies Zone 2 - terms & conditions of the offer

§ 1. Definitions

The terms used in these terms and conditions mean:

1. Organizer - Infinity Fund Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership based in Wrocław at Jana Długosza 42-46, 51-162 Wrocław, for which the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Economic Department of the National Court Register keeps the register files for the business registry number 0000562916, REGON: 361782081, NIP: 8952046284, BDO number: 000145264

2. Products - products offered by the Organizer, indicated on the website

3. Freebie - a product that the Participant receives as a gift, however, on the invoice, it will be charged for the amount of €0,05 (PLN 0,01) gross, therefore the value of the order will be automatically reduced by €0,05 (PLN 0,01) gross. 

4. Participant - an adult natural person, having full legal capacity, residing in Poland, purchasing a product as a consumer within the meaning of Art. 221 of the Civil Code ("A consumer is any natural person performing a legal act which is not directly related to his business or professional activity."). 

5. Website – the WWW page at the address maintained by the Organizer for the current handling of the promotion and communication with the Participant in matters related to the promotion, whose main domain points to the online store where the promotion is conducted.


§ 2. General Provisions

1. The Promotion is conducted under the rules specified in these terms and conditions.

2. The promotion is conducted from 25.01.2024, 3:00 P.M. CET to 29.02.2024, 13:00 P.M. CET, or until the stock of Freebies runs out.

§ 3. Promotion Rules

1. The subject of the promotion covered by these terms and conditions is:

1) for orders exceeding the value of EUR 121.12 / GBP 106.35 / HUF 46 601 / CZK 3022 / PLN 499:

  • Mask Stalker style - Black GFT-28-036139 worth EUR 6,01 or

  • Serpent Tactical Belt - Tan GFT-34-006001 worth EUR 6,01 or

  • Speedloader - magazine style - Transparent worth EUR 7,70 or

  • Drop-Leg Holster with Magazine Pouch - Black GFT-29-020779 worth EUR 9,62 or

  • BBs 0.20g Specna Arms Core ™ 3000 pcs SPE-16-029710 worth EUR 5,29 or

  • Tactical baseball cap - digital woodland GFT-23-036342 worth EUR 5,53 or

  • Armored Claw Glove Keyring - Grey ACL-90-027693 worth EUR 3,61 or

  • Angled RIS Tactical Forward Grip SPE-09-025467 worth EUR 11,07 or

  • Folding Hydro Pouch Takte - Coyote Brown PRI-19-031742 worth EUR 10,83 or

  • Bungee Carrying Sling GFT-24-000420 worth EUR 5,77 or

  • Boonie Hat - woodland GFT-23-036335 worth EUR 5,53 or

  • BBs Tracer 0.20g Specna Arms ONE ™ 1000 pcs SPE-16-035845 worth EUR 4,33. 

2. To receive the Freebie with the order, the Participant must add it to the cart during the ordering process by selecting the available Freebie for the given order threshold and clicking "Choose this gift".

3. The Organizer reserves that the method of adding the Freebie to the order described in point 2 above is the only correct way to receive the Freebie indicated in point 1 above.

4. The order value threshold, specified in point 1 above, do not include shipping costs.

5. After adding to the cart an order exceeding a given threshold, as specified in point 1 above, the price of the order or the price of one of the selected Products in the given order will be automatically reduced by the value of €0,05 (PLN 0,01) gross, while the price of the Freebie will be charged at €0,05 (PLN 0,01) gross.

§ 4. Promotion Restrictions

1. In case the Participant exercises the right to withdraw from the contract (according to Art. 27 of the Act on the Consumer Rights), which reduces the value of the order below a given threshold, the Freebie must also be returned, unless the Participant successfully withdrew from the contract due to a product defect.

2. In the situation described in point 1 above, the Participant does not have the right to exchange the Freebie for a cheaper one, even if the value of their order still exceeds the lower threshold. 

3. The above assumptions in no way limit the Participant's rights to withdraw from a distance contract, according to the Act of May 30, 2014, on the Consumer Rights. 

4. The "Freebies Zone" promotion does not combine with other promotions and discounts, except for Drop Zone, Winter Sale, SALE up to 60% off, GFWEEKEND and GFJANUARY15 discount codes, and Free Delivery Months.

5. Due to the definition of the Participant, it is not possible to participate in the promotion based on a purchase that is not made as a consumer. Such a purchase is considered an order that is directly related to the buyer's business activity ("for the company"), and in particular orders:
1) where the option "I am buying as a company" is marked;
2) where the option "I am buying as a private person" is left marked, and then the option "I want to provide different invoice details" is selected, and the buyer's tax identification number (NIP) is provided;
3) where the purchase is made by a company – even if its tax identification number (NIP) is not provided;
4) where after placing the order, at any stage (even after receiving the goods), the buyer asked for a VAT invoice and provided his tax identification number (NIP);
5) where the buyer, posing as a consumer, buys many products in a short time (especially if they are the same products), in a way deviating from the usual way consumers buy goods;
6) where the buyer, posing as a consumer, resells the ordered item after fulfilling the order (receiving the goods) to earn from it.

If the purchase (order) is not made by the buyer as a consumer, even if the buyer poses as a consumer, the Organizer has the right to refuse to accept the order on promotional terms, suspend the execution of such an order (purchase) or demand payment for the order omitting the promotional terms – especially if after the delivery of the order item the Organizer learned of circumstances indicating that the buyer did not act as a consumer.


§ 5. Complaints

1. Complaints regarding the course of the Promotion can be submitted no later than 31.03.2024 in any way, e.g., using the form posted on the website The complaint report should include: first name, last name, and correspondence address of the person submitting the complaint, as well as a description of the basis of the complaint and the demand towards the Organizer.

2. Complaints will be considered by the Organizer within 14 days from the date of receiving the complaint.

3. The Participant will be informed about the outcome of the complaint resolution with a return message, which will be sent to the Participant depending on the form of the submitted complaint chosen by the Participant, in writing or to the email address from which the complaint was reported.

4. When considering complaints, the Organizer relies on the content of these terms and conditions and applicable Polish law. Regardless of the possibility of initiating a complaint procedure, the Participant has the right to pursue claims in court and the right to out-of-court settlement of disputes according to the Act of September 23, 2016.

5. The provisions of § 5 concern only complaints related to the course of the Promotion itself and do not in any way limit the consumer's rights related to detecting defects in the products purchased as part of the promotion.


§ 6. Personal Data Protection

1. The personal data of Participants are processed for the purpose of conducting the Promotion described in these terms and conditions. The personal data of Participants who have filed a complaint regarding the Promotion are processed to consider their complaint.

2. The Participant has the right: to access their data, rectify, delete, restrict processing, and transfer, as well as to file a complaint regarding data processing.

3. In other respects, the Rules for the protection and processing of personal data in the Gunfire online store apply to the processing of Participants' personal data for the purpose of conducting the promotion, which are available at


§ 7. Final Provisions

1. These terms and conditions come into effect on 25.01.2024.

2. The terms and conditions will be available during the Promotion at the Organizer's office and on the Website:

3. If necessary for the Promotion and the protection of the rights of other Participants to take advantage of the Promotion, the Organizer has the right to conduct an explanatory procedure to remove any doubts as to the identity of the person placing the order, the connection of the order with the business activity, the authenticity of personal data provided in the order, or the compliance of the person placing the order with these terms and conditions. The Organizer may especially ask the person who placed the order to provide additional information and/or make declarations related to participation in this Promotion within 7 days from the day of receiving the request, e.g., regarding whether the purchase was indeed made for purposes not directly related to business activity.

4. In the event of stock depletion, the Organizer reserves the right to end the Promotion ahead of schedule.