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Airsoft guns

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Air soft guns (ASG)

Airsoft guns are faithfully reproduced replicas of real firearms that can be used for a wide variety of purposes: airsoft games, training, military simulations. They are also popular with collectors - fans of weapons and military, or people passionate about historical battles and wars. ASGs are used by reenactment groups that want to recreate the realities of the given period in almost perfect detail. This is possible because their appearance, dimensions and weight perfectly imitate real rifles, pistols, shotguns and other types of firearms.

Professional airsoft guns, i.e. the new incarnation of BB guns

Do you remember the plastic BB guns you used to run around the yard with in your childhood? We do. Those plastic BB guns were the prototype for today’s airsoft guns. Of course, these children's toys cannot be compared with real ASGs, but it is definitely a nice memory. Modern airsoft guns are professionally made models that are designed to best imitate a real weapon. The airsoft industry is developing, and manufacturers from around the world are constantly improving and modifying their products, so that airsoft guns are as similar to the original as possible. Licenses, solid materials and modern processing techniques guarantee modern ASG weapons, far removed from cheap BB guns.

Airsoft guns - types and characteristics

The ASG allows you to shoot BBs at a target - but to make it possible you need energy that will set the whole mechanism in motion. Airsoft guns are therefore powered by various drives and can be divided into three basic types:

  • electric - AEG (Airsoft Electric Guns),
  • spring,
  • gas.

Spring airsoft guns

Spring airsoft guns are the most basic model of ASG. They are easy to use and relatively cheap, as they do not feature electric mechanisms or a motor - the user has to manually cock the spring before each shot. Due to the above, the spring-loaded airsoft gun can only operate in single fire mode, which makes it less “deadly” than gas or electric air soft guns.

The spring drive is used not only in airsoft pistols (e.g. the famous Beretta), revolvers or shotguns, but also airsoft sniper rifles and airsoft assault rifles. This system is especially popular in the case of sniper rifles, as well as cheaper pistols. Its unquestionable advantage is the low operating cost, characteristic for spring airsoft guns. You don't have to buy gas cartridges; you don't need CO2 or Green Gas. This type of airsoft gun also works well in various weather conditions.

Gas airsoft guns

Besides spring-powered models, you also have the option of gas airsoft guns powered by CO2 or Green Gas, or you can choose HPA - High Pressure Air ASG, powered by compressed air. Gas airsoft guns are the third best known type of ASG. They operate on the principle gas compression and expansion. It’s mostly used in airsoft pistols, but there are also CO2 gas-powered rifles/green gas-powered rifles and submachine guns available on the market. The operation of gas airsoft guns is a bit more complicated, because the motor reacts to temperature and gas does not compress the same way every time. Each shot can therefore differ in performance.

Gas airsoft guns provide the most realistic imitation of the action of real firearms. They have the option of single or continuous fire mode. Many gas air soft guns feature the Blow Back system that imitates the movement of the bolt with each shot and causes recoil - similar to real rifles and pistols.

Electric airsoft guns

The electric motor is the most commonly used ASG power supply. Each electric airsoft gun is equipped with a battery that needs to be periodically recharged. Electric power supply allows for continuous fire, and the most popular type of ASG utilizing this type of power supply is the assault rifle.

Electric airsoft guns utilize an internal mechanism, called the Gearbox. It contains elements such as a piston, cylinder or gears, and the whole is powered by a motor. AEGs feature the option of continuous fire, i.e. firing in bursts, with a high rate of fire. Due to its versatility, this type of airsoft gun is often recommended for beginners.

Choosing the right ASG

The equipment that we choose for our hobby should always be tailored to our needs. This also applies to airsoft guns. You should also take into account the role you intend to play in your ASG team, as well as the type of games you plan to participate in. Sharpshooters should definitely choose an airsoft sniper rifle. If you specialize in CQB games, you should consider choosing a submachine gun or a sub-carbine. And if you want the most universal weapon, we recommend AR-15 - type assault rifles. These are probably the most popular airsoft guns available on the market. They work well both in dynamic action in the field and when engaging the enemy at a longer distance.

The airsoft market offers various types of airsoft guns. They include modern designs, currently in use by armies and special forces all over the world (e.g. the popular MP5 submachine gun), as well as historical constructions, which were used e.g. during the Second World War. In fact, you have a choice of airsoft versions of virtually any type of weapon - handguns, submachine guns, rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and even rocket launchers. You can equip your airsoft guns with various accessories and additional equipment, such as scopes, collimators, grenade launchers, grips, belts, flashlights, laser sights and many others. It’s totally up to you which airsoft gun is the most suitable for you and what you want to equip it with.

Who are airsoft guns for?

Replicas of weapons that don’t require any sort of permit are a good option for anyone who would like to learn about shooting and using weapons. They allow the user to experience the conditions of a firefight, face the opponent and defeat them on the battlefield. ASG engagements are based on teamwork and strategies, which are often very similar to military activities or the work of other uniformed services. Ultimately, you can also create valuable collections of airsoft guns including, for example, a cult ASG pistol, a replica of a sniper rifle or another model that is important to you. How you use your ASG weapons depends only on you. One thing is for sure. Possibilities are vast!