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Airsoft Stocks

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    Airsoft gun stocks and accessories for replicas – what should you know about them?

    Many enthusiasts of airsoft replicas often underestimate the choice of an airsoft stock when picking their equipment. However, this issue is crucial because it is the stocks and accessories that determine both the precision of a shot and the comfort of using a given replica. That is why it is worth adjusting the stock perfectly to your own skills and preferences.

    Airsoft gun stocks and accessories for replicas – application and specifications

    Stocks are used to rest the weapon against the shoulder, which ensures a stable position when firing. Stocks for airsoft guns are very often rubber-tipped.

    Four types of airsoft stocks are available on the market:

    • fixed stock,
    • PDW stock,
    • telescopic stock,
    • folding stock.

    It should be remembered that the function of a stock can also be performed by elements of the rifle in the Bullpup system – this is a stockless system in which the chamber lock is located behind the trigger mechanism, and its end is used as a stock. This makes the replica much more balanced and allows it to be used with one hand.

    Airsoft gun stocks and accessories for replicas – summary

    Gunfire offers the best stocks and accessories for airsoft replicas on the market (e.g., the M4 rifle stock), which will meet the expectations of all, even the most demanding users. Our stocks are made of the best materials and come from well-known and renowned manufacturers. Each airsoft player will have secure and stable support for their airsoft replica when shooting, especially in difficult conditions of dynamic gameplay or in demanding terrain. Airsoft stocks are available in various sizes and colour variants, which will certainly complete the configuration of the replica. Thanks to easy modifications, you can additionally adjust the stock to your individual preferences.

    The stocks offered at Gunfire are made of various materials, such as wood, metal or durable plastics, including polymer. Individual models, apart from a comfortable hard rubber pad, also have a lever for length adjustment. When shopping, it is important to make sure that the stock will fit with your spring guide.