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Licensed airsoft guns

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Is it worth collecting licensed replicas?

What matters most in airsoft is to faithfully imitate the activities of real special units and their equipment. That is why airsoft enthusiasts collect licensed replicas, appreciating the care with which they were made.

Is a licensed replica more expensive?

Licensed replicas are a faithful imitation of the originals. Both in terms of materials used and their construction they are almost identical copies of original weapons. Their uniqueness is confirmed by appropriate certificates, relevant markings and, of course, a serial number. All of this makes them very desirable for military- and airsoft enthusiasts. They are also often considered collector's items. Attention to detail and quality of workmanship obviously translates into a higher price, but they are worth the investment.

Licensed replicas and their combat value

You might find opinions that licensed replicas do not guarantee good performance. Nothing could be further from the truth! They are made with attention to the highest quality, standards and parameters. One could be tempted to say that they are much better than their other airsoft counterparts, as they are often endorsed by manufacturers who supply equipment to the best special units in the world. Right from the first use, every airsoft fan will see how much combat value they represent.

Licensed replicas - additional information

Not only the effectiveness of operations counts in airsoft, but also the player's equipment, which is scrupulously assessed by other participants of the game. A licensed replica will certainly be a good choice and at the same time a good addition to your collection. The manufacturers offer models with electric, gas and spring drive, which makes it possible for everyone to find the right replica for themselves and at the same time to suit the conditions and type of game play.