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Military and tactical clothing

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The basic equipment of every soldier includes military clothing, which has also been in use by civilians for many years now, often fitting in with newest trends in fashion. In the past, military clothing was mainly associated with camouflage fatigues. Contemporary military clothing can offer us many more designs and colors, as well as modern solutions and functionalities. For this reason, it enjoys great popularity not only among airsoft, paintball or survival enthusiasts, but is also more and more often worn on a daily basis or during other outdoor activities. 

What are the distinguishing features of military clothing? 

Military clothing must be durable and functional. Materials used to make a given item of clothing must not only be strong and tear-resistant, but also have a number of other properties. They are different - depending on what tasks the clothing is intended for. One example is waterproof and quick-drying materials, which protect against low or high temperatures, are resistant to puncturing (or even fire) and ensure very good air circulation. Fabrics are also often combined with each other to make them perform even better in various conditions. High-quality materials are one of the most important components of military clothing. The other important characteristic is the construction. These clothes are designed to allow freedom of movement and are usually equipped with pockets, in which we can carry the most necessary gear. Pockets also need to be arranged in such a way as to provide the fastest and most convenient access to the items they hold. 

What are the typical elements of military clothing? 

Military clothing is very diverse and includes everything needed to complete a full outfit. Seeing ss its use is mainly outdoor, it offers a very large selection of jackets, blouses and headgear, but also T-shirts, trousers and accessories - for example gloves or scarves. 

Military clothes - uniforms 

Military clothing primarily means a full uniform. It consists of sets of jackets / blouses and trousers - usually in camouflage. However, these are not only the once popular camo clothes, but also more modern designs with better masking properties. Camouflages used by the largest armies in the world can also be found on military clothing. Full uniform is usually chosen for survival and shooting sports. 

Jackets, T-shirts and cargo pants 

Contemporary military / tactical clothing very often looks like urban sportswear. Tactical jackets and trousers do not have to resemble a uniform in any way, yet still be distinguished by durability and functionality. Winter jackets are additionally insulated to protect against low temperatures. In summer, we can use lightweight waterproof jackets or choose a blouse, with a breathable tactical T-shirt underneath, made of a moisture-wicking material that provides great comfort. Modern cargo pants are usually equipped with a set of spacious pockets, some of which are sewn in, so that they are not very visible. Thanks to this, the whole thing is much shapelier and also works well in everyday use. Trousers are usually designed in such a way that you can fit them very closely to your figure - additional cuffs or Velcro straps are used for this. They can also be equipped with special soft, protective inserts, e.g. on the knees or in other sensitive places. 

Gloves, headgear and military footwear

Military clothing also includes various types of accessories. Headgear includes thermo-active hats that can be worn alone or under a helmet. They feature moisture-wicking properties and protect against low temperatures. Hats, four-cornered caps and baseball caps are perfect in summer, when we want to protect ourselves from the scorching sun. Hand protection is also very important in various jobs and activities - tactical gloves work very well in such situations. Some companies, like Armored Claw, specialize in their production, offering a wide variety of models with varying properties. There are anti-puncture gloves, fire-resistant, reinforced with plastic inserts, intended for operating touch screens or performing precise works. 

What care the possible uses of outdoor clothing? 

Military clothing is often called outdoor clothing, as this type of wear is most often used in outdoor activities, related to work or hobbies. Tactical clothes and accessories are often used by hunters, fishermen, security guards and rescue specialists. They are useful during camping trips, mountain trips and survival / paintball / airsoft events. If we want military clothing to actually fulfill certain functions, then it is worth choosing proven brands, such as Primal Gear, which specialize in designing functional and durable clothing.