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Shooting Targets

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Before your first airsoft game, it's a good idea to practice precise target shooting first. You can train at the shooting range or in your garden or even at home, but you will need a shooting target. It is a much better choice than shooting cans or bottles, because it allows you to precisely see the place where the shot hit. Thanks to the printable targets, you will also be able to verify the parameters and settings of your airsoft gun, and you can choose not only the standard shooting targets with decreasing circles, but also targets intended for professional training - with various types of airsoft replicas.

Airsoft targets - types

Basic BB gun targets are great at calibrating the airsoft gun when we want to precisely set its sighting tools or correct the settings of the equipment itself. They are also ideal for beginners who are just starting their shooting endeavours. We can practice static target shooting and thus constantly improve our results until we shoot the bullseye. As your skills develop, the standard shooting target will stop being a challenge and then it's time for more advanced targets that allow training in motion, shooting in various types of positions and with different models of airsoft guns.

Silhouette shooting targets

An interesting alternative to the standard shooting target are silhouette targets, which can depict images of various animals, humans or even zombies. They diversify recreational shooting and are perfect if we want to practice hitting specific parts of the body. Usually, they are assigned sections with points that reward more difficult hits.

Advanced shooting targets

For those who want to train more advanced shooting, we can offer professional shooting targets, used by pro’s. These types of shooting targets are used by FBI agents or IPSC players. With them, you can practice shot sequences and motion shooting. The shooting targets are given the shape of various geometric figures or various arrangements of customs patterns. They are designed by professionals who know what is needed in professional training. An interesting alternative are electric shooting targets, consisting of several targets and a programmer, on which we can select various game modes and difficulty levels.

What makes a good quality shooting target?

Shooting targets are made from cardboard or offset paper, which is thinner and lighter. This makes it easier to store and transport them. They also allow for more effective concealment of the lines of the designated sectors, and vivid colours make the shot's easier. Shooting targets can have different shapes and sizes, which should be adapted to the type of training and airsoft gun. If you plan to shoot at close range, you can choose a smaller size. Airsoft targets intended for calibration will have the appropriate markings, and versions intended for specific shooting league and their regulations. Paper and cardboard printable targets are sold in sets consisting of several dozen pieces. If you want to extend their usefulness, you can use special stickers for shooting targets, which make them a reusable product.