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    Despite the fact that airsoft replicas are often lighter than their firearm counterparts, long hours of gameplay can make it difficult to carry and aim from a weapon and thus reduce our combat effectiveness. This is especially important if we play as an airsoft sniper or support shooter who usually shoots from the heaviest airsoft replica. An excellent solution, which makes it easier for the shooter to operate the weapon, is the base - a bipod.


    Airsoft bipod


    The bipods allow you to support the weapon while firing. The bipod can be attached to the barrel, bed or cover.
    The bipods available in our shop are strappable and foldable for comfortable carrying. Airsoft bipods are made of durable plastic or metal depending on the model. The bipods are often equipped with locks of the mechanism in the form of a screw as well as a length adjustment, which allows the shooter to freely adjust the setting to the current needs. Depending on the model, the airsoft bipods can be opened with a special spring mechanism.