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Airsoft rifle

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Airsoft rifles - for beginners and experienced players

Rifles are the basic weapon in any armed forces, so it’s no wonder that airsoft rifles are the most popular weapon in the airsoft community. Numerous ASG brands specialize in manufacture of airsoft rifles, which translates into a very wide selection. From historical models, through modern designs, to even futuristic rifles that appear in games or movies - each of them probably has its own airsoft gun version.

Airsoft rifles - available types

Assault rifles are the most popular type of BB rifles. They’re the most universal type of airsoft gun which, thanks to the auto mode and - most commonly - an electric power supply, perform very well in dynamic scenarios. If you prefer a more compact designs, you can also choose an airsoft carbine. This is a modified and scaled-down version of the full-size designs - but just as effective on the battlefield. Airsoft machine guns are the largest and heaviest structures, allowing to literally mow down your enemies. In turn, the airsoft sniper rifle is a model for specific applications - for players who specialize in sharpshooting. It allows to make long-range and precise shots, but it is a fairly large weapon, usually requiring additional accessories, such as a bipod or a scope.

What are the most common sources of power for BB rifles?

The type of motor used in airsoft rifles is usually related to their category. Airsoft assault rifles replicas and carbines usually utilize electric motors - featuring a gearbox, which requires a battery and a charger. If you happen to stumble upon an airsoft spring rifle, it will most probably be an airsoft sniper rifle. The BB rifle can also run on CO2 or green gas - this is not a very common solution though. However, if you’re looking for a powerful Blow Back system, as well as high muzzle velocity, you should definitely choose a gas airsoft rifle.

What are the most popular airsoft rifles?

The airsoft market offers almost (or maybe even every) type of rifle ever produced, in airsoft version. Some, however, are more popular than others. There exists a wide selection of the most famous or even iconic designs, such as the Soviet AK47 or the American M4, AR and M16. They are offered by many manufacturers, and each of them has a slightly different approach to the design of those guns. Thanks to this, you can choose the airsoft version of the same rifle, which at the same time can differ quite significantly, e.g. in terms of materials or features.

BB rifles and their applications in airsoft

Airsoft rifles are divided into more universal ones, that will work in various roles and scenarios, as well as more specialized ones. The sniper rifle is usually used for a specific purpose - for precise shots, at medium or even long distances. Seeing ss they are most often spring models - they require reloading before each shot, which equals low rate of fire. Therefore, they are suitable for precisely eliminating one enemy after another, from a hidden position.

Electric airsoft rifles are more comfortable to use and increase the chance of survival in direct combat. The assault rifle will be perfect for medium distances, and if you choose smaller airsoft carbines, you can even take them to CQB games - as long as they fit within the required parameters. This is the right equipment for active players, who like to frequently change their position.

What is the perfect type of airsoft rifle for you?

If you are wondering what type of BB rifle you should choose - well, first of all you have to consider your role in your airsoft team. If you are interested in the position of a sharpshooter and you want to develop in this direction, then an airsoft sniper rifle is the obvious the best choice. The other team members will most often choose an electric airsoft assault rifle, allowing them to take part in even and fierce battles in the open field.

Assault rifles are equipment that works great for both advanced and beginner airsoft shooters. They’re usually equipped with numerous useful functions, such as a quick spring change system or an adjustable Hop-Up system, as well as rails and grips that allow installation of additional accessories. If you are looking for a functional and universal airsoft gun - the assault rifle is your best option.