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Airsoft dump pouches

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Airsoft gun magazine pouch

Airsoft battles require not only airsoft guns, but also additional accessories. It's worth always carrying one or two extra magazines - and maybe even a spare pistol. For your own comfort, as well as better efficiency on the battlefield, it is recommendable to carry all this gear using special military equipment - including various types of pouches and containers that provide quick access to the necessary equipment, while also keeping your hands free.

Airsoft pouch - basic function

The pouch is one of the basic elements of military equipment. Its most important job is to enable comfortable transport of military gear. It allows storage of loose ammunition or full magazines for various types of weapons. The pouch serves the same function in airsoft, comfortably housing additional magazines or spare BBs. The advantage of this solution is the ability to quickly reach for a magazine, even in the heat of battle. It also eliminates the risk of losing a magazine, which can happen if we keep it in a pants pocket, allowing us to focus entirely on combat, instead of keeping tabs on important equipment.

What else can you use pouches for?

The main purpose of pouches is to carry ammunition, but this does not mean that you cannot use them to store other accessories. Everything you need during a game can be put in a pouch. They are usually part of a larger system of military equipment, such as MOLLE. It consists of various elements that can be individually selected, in order to set up your own kit - including pouches, pockets, and various other types of containers. These elements are mounted on belts, vestsbackpacks or panels.

Pouches and containers - types

Pouches can have different dimensions - this is because magazines are also not uniform in sizes. Their dimensions are usually adjusted to the size and shape of a given type of magazine. This should be taken into account when choosing a specific pouch model. In addition to pouches, you can also choose larger or smaller containers and pockets, which are more universal tools for carrying military and other accessories.

Types of pouches

A magazine pouch is a basic type of magazine-carrying container. You can choose universal ammunition pouches, as well as models dedicated to specific types of magazines or weapons, such as a pistol pouch. There are also other, slightly less popular types of pouches available, allowing the user to carry a first aid kit or water bottles. Some of them can also be designed for specific military systems - when using this solution, keep in mind to properly select individual elements, e.g. compatible with the MOLLE system.

Military pouch / container

The pouch usually has a specific application, dictating its size and construction. If you prefer a more universal tool for carrying various types of accessories, there’s a wide choice of pockets and containers available on the market. These can also be compatible with the MOLLE or PALS system, but there are also models not associated with any specific type of military gear. They are also great for carrying your everyday carry, such as a phone, wallet or keys.

What else do pouches have to offer?

The pouch is an element of military equipment, so it has all the features that also characterize other military gear. Starting from the available colors, through very functional constructions and durable materials, to the camouflage patterns used, such as Multicam® or wz 93. Pouches have to be durable, perform well in all conditions and cannot reveal our position on the battlefield.

Each pouch might be equipped with a different type of attachment. Pouches belonging to military systems have belts or panels with which they are attached to other parts of the equipment, e.g. backpacks or vests. On the other hand, stand-alone models of pouches are fully functional, autonomous elements of military gear - they can be attached to a trouser belt or affixed to the thigh - like the drop leg pouch.