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Airsoft accessories

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Other tactical equipment - what should you pay attention to? 

Other tactical equipment includes items of equipment and accessories that some players often forget about, but can be extremely useful throughout the game or training. During the game it is worthwhile to carry, for example, heavy duty masking tapes, holster adapters and even survival bracelets. 

What accessories are worth bringing to the game? 

The use of the products considered to be additional tactical equipment is very wide. Among many elements you can find all kinds of cases and bags that will protect e.g. a phone and other accessories. It is particularly worth paying attention to the protection of electronic devices, which are not always resistant to moisture, dust or strong impacts. For airsoft lovers who intend to play after dark or in closed and unlit rooms, it is necessary to have chemical light or electronic markers, as well as night vision optics and goggles.

During the training sessions, shooting targets (paper ones) or other types of targets will be necessary. They allow you to quickly acquire the skill to use a replica, and are necessary especially during accuracy training. Targets are also a good solution if we want to test the performance of our replica. They make it much easier to estimate its range and adjust the aiming devices.

In this product category you will find many mounting systems that make it easier to attach additional elements to your accessories, for example clamps or rails. Thanks to the application of professional solutions, they are comfortable, simple and quick to use, which ensures comfort during the game. 

Other tactical equipment 

Other tactical equipment is a product category, in which all airsoft lovers will find every accessory they are interested in. From gadgets such as key rings, badges or stickers to masking paints. The choice of additional accessories should always be dictated by safety, usability and functionality. Aesthetics are also important. There are many camouflage and unique design options available from the best manufacturers. It is certainly worthwhile to get familiar with this offer!