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Airsoft grenade launchers and grenades

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    Airsoft grenade launcher - the purpose of real and airsoft firearms 

    Grenade launchers are weapons that have been used by the military for several centuries - at their very beginnings, they were cannons with a longer barrel. Firearms resembling modern grenade launchers debuted during the First World War. Since then many variations have been designed, differing in uses. The grenade launcher is still used on the battlefields all over the world - not only in war, but also in airsoft. 

    How many types of grenade launchers are there? 

    Grenade launchers can be used as a team or individual weapon. They are used to eliminate targets on the ground, and their range does not usually exceed 400 meters. They can also have a whole range of calibers, with a standard maximum of 40 mm. There are anti-armor grenade launchers, used to eliminate combat vehicles. Rifle-grenade launchers, which are a combination of a rifle and grenade launcher, and suspended grenade launchers, which are attached under the barrel of a weapon. The rifle grenade launcher is mounted on the barrel. Finally, it is also worth mentioning the automatic grenade launcher, which is an alternative to machine guns and automatic cannons - it is often mounted on light armored vehicles. 

    Popular models of grenade launchers 

    A military grenade launcher is an indispensable equipment during firefights, and the instruction in their use is always included in military training. It differs not only depending on the type of grenade launcher, but also often depends on the specific model and its intended use.  

    The C90 grenade launcher is a Spanish anti-armor grenade launcher that is equipped with a disposable launcher and an illuminated optical sight. The GP25 is a Russian under-barrel grenade launcher using caseless grenades, equipped with a comfortable pistol grip. Also of Russian manufacture is the RPG-7 light grenade launcher. It is a manual model utilizing rocket propulsion, which is easy to use and cheap - that’s why it is still used by many armies around the world. 

    The M79 grenade launcher, on the other hand, is an American single-shot model, available in a stand-alone version, as well as mounted under the barrel. It was replaced by the M203 grenade launcher. It is also worth mentioning the German M320 grenade launcher by Heckler & Koch, which can be used separately as well as mounted on an M4 or M16 assault rifle.

    The use of grenade launchers in airsoft  

    The above-mentioned models of grenade launchers are often also available in the form of airsoft grenade launchers. The airsoft grenade launcher is used as a tactical accessory - providing more entertainment and an additional shot of adrenaline. It also allows to eliminate numerous enemies at the same time, as it lunches a grenade into the field that fires several hundred or more BBs at once. It’s usually a 40mm grenade launcher, made of plastic or plastic and metal, which increases its service life. The most popular are hand-held airsoft grenade launchers, which can be used separately - because they are additional airsoft tactical equipment - but an interesting option are the 3-in-1 airsoft grenade launchers - for stand-alone use and for mounting on an airsoft gun- using special adapters.

    What is an Airsoft Grenade?

    An airsoft grenade is a vital accessory for any airsoft grenade launcher. It is powered by gas - typically green gas or CO2. Some may mirror the appearance of real-world grenades, while others may not. They're usually made from robust materials, such as durable metal or steel, making them reusable for numerous gaming sessions. An airsoft grenade can add a thrilling element to any skirmish, but keep in mind, it's essential to select a model compatible with your launcher.

    You could also choose a hand-held airsoft grenade, complete with a removable pin. This certainly introduces a more authentic aspect to gameplay. In such models, the pellet ejection could be impact-activated or triggered by a built-in timed detonator.