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Tactical backpacks and bags

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Military backpack - for special and everyday tasks

Military backpacks are a core element of equipment used by the army, which is also great in everyday use. However, we are not actually talking about the same backpack model. During military actions or survival trips, you will often need a large, 100l military backpack. For a weekend trip, on the other hand, you will probably need a backpack with a capacity of up to 40 liters. Although both of these models may look completely different, they both belong to the category of tactical backpacks. They differ in parameters, but they are both characterized by high functionality and durability.

Military backpack - for survival and urban escapades

Tactical backpacks are mainly used by uniformed forces - but not only! A military mountain-hiking backpack is the basic equipment during hiking trips that require an extended loadout - e.g. equipment, clothes and food. It will prove itself during mountain climbing, cave exploration, as well as camping trips. If you are a fan of outdoor activities in difficult conditions - you also should definitely choose a military backpack.

Survival escapades, ASG events lasting several days and trips to the mountains have this in common - demanding terrain and conditions. One is almost certain to get dirty, wet or even damage one’s backpack in the process. That is why it is worth choosing military backpacks, that will not only survive harsh conditions, but also protect what’s inside.

Will tactical backpacks be suitable for school or work?

In recent years, tactical clothing has undergone a lot of developments. The patterns and cuts that until recently characterized military items are being abandoned. The current designs are very modern and don't even have to resemble military equipment. There are now a variety of new backpack models available that you can take with you to work, school, shopping or a city trip, and no one will guess that they were bought in a military equipment store.

What are the main characteristics of a military backpack?

Tactical equipment and military clothing are product categories characterized by very high standards of quality. They are mainly used in the field and thus must be able to withstand any - even very extreme - weather conditions. Military backpacks are certainly one of the most important elements of military gear, as it is in them that the soldier carries all their equipment.

Military backpacks are subjected to hard conditions and harsh treatment, which is why they are sewn from very durable fabrics. The quality of the seams that will hold all the elements of the backpack firmly together is also important. The first thing that catches one’s eye, however, is the appearance of the backpack, which may be typically military - or, conversely, not referring to the military at all. 

“wz. 93” military backpack - the famous “Panther” and other camouflage patterns

Camouflage - pattern backpacks are usually chosen by paramilitary groups, airsoft players, survivalists or paintball enthusiasts. These groups often wear military uniforms, their hobbies are related to militaria, or they simply like military aesthetics. If you want to choose a Polish military backpack, then you’ll definitely enjoy models with the current camouflage, i.e. the Panther pattern. For the aficionados of the old days, we recommend a military backpack with the Polish version of the woodland camo, as used in the past by the People's Army. There are also many more camouflage patterns to choose from, such as Woodland (American) and Multicam.

Military tactical backpack - civilian version 

You can also choose a black, navy blue, red, beige or other solid color military backpack - or in different color combinations that will not look like a piece of military equipment. Such a backpack will be much better for everyday life and will suit various styles of dress.

Functional and practical military backpacks

Military backpacks are not only durable, but also very functional. This means that they are designed to hold a lot of stuff and allow to organize it properly. This is possible thanks to compartments and pockets that keep the inside of the backpack in order. They also allow quick access to individual elements packed.

Even a heavily loaded backpack must still retain its shape. Comfortable carrying is also important - provided by the adjustable carrying system. Military backpacks usually have a specially contoured back panel that fits well to the back of the carrier and ensures good air circulation. Additional chest and lap straps provide support for the spine. 

A military backpack can have very different capacities. There are of course very large backpacks available on the market, but also small and light models that are perfect for carrying everyday things such as a wallet, phone, keys and lunch. 

What to look for when shopping for a tactical backpack?

The choice of a backpack depends mainly on its purpose. If you intend to really abuse it during intense, outdoor activities, you will definitely need a durable and waterproof backpack. A well-developed, good-quality support system is very important in long hiking trips.

The capacity of the backpack is also important. A large military backpack will be perfect for long trips. For a two-week survival camp, you will definitely need to take a backpack with a capacity of about 100 liters. During several-day trips, a military backpack with a 50l-60l capacity should be enough. However, you will not always need such a large military backpack. A small 25l military backpack will work well during a one-day trip. The 40l military backpack can, in turn, be used as a school backpack for a teenager.

Additional options

You should also note the possibility of expanding your backpack or making changes to the layout of its pockets and compartments. Some backpack models can be expanded by attaching additional elements. Others contain mobile organizers that allow you to better organize the interior - and if you take them out, you can reduce the weight of the backpack.

Some military backpacks can weigh a lot because they are made of very durable, and hence heavy materials. Thus, in case of long hikes, it is better to take light backpacks with you, which will not add extra weight. If you do not intend to wade through the wild bush and sharp rocks, you can choose a lighter and slightly less durable backpack - it will still serve you for years and will remain reliable in various situations.


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