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Airsoft silencer

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Silencers for airsoft replicas – what should you know about them?

Airsoft silencers for replicas are multifunctional devices, extremely useful for every user of airsoft equipment. Airsoft silencers, as the name suggests, suppress the noise and reduce gun recoil when firing. In addition, putting a silencer on an airsoft rifle also allows the insertion of a longer barrel, which significantly increases the accuracy of the replica.

Airsoft silencers – application

The main function of an airsoft silencer is to reduce the noise and increase the realism of using a replica. Silencers improve the appearance of the rifle and are useful during night games. This is because airsoft silencers equipped with an illumination module, the so-called tracer, in combination with special pellets, cause an extremely striking trail effect, resembling a real gunshot. This additional visual effect increases the realism when using a particular gun.

All the silencers we offer are characterized by extremely careful manufacturing. Each piece of equipment was created using the highest quality materials.

Airsoft silencers – summary 

Airsoft silencers are additional equipment for a replica. Many people expect that airsoft silencers always suppress the bang of the gunshot. Please note that this is not always true, especially in spring-powered and electric replicas. In gas replicas, on the other hand, silencers can actually suppress the emitted noise, and their additional advantage is the improved precision of a given gun.

The best airsoft silencer for your replica can be selected from among the many models available at Gunfire. They are made of various materials which determine the durability and protection against damage of a given element. Particularly recommended are silencers made of light but solid aluminium. Individual elements may differ in shape, weight and construction. They are also available in different colours, so every airsoft fan can match them to the other equipment they already have.