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Hydration packs

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    Airsoft hydration systems – what should you know about them? 

    Airsoft hydration systems are essential equipment in terms of additional equipment. Proper body hydration is very important during any activity, and even more so during dynamic gameplay, especially in summer, when temperatures are high and the risk of dehydration increases. Therefore, a hydration system is an important and useful element of the equipment, which makes it possible to replenish fluids during the game in a comfortable and easy way.

    Hydration system components

    A hydration system as a whole is not complicated – it consists of a carrier in the form of a flat pouch or backpack and a hydration bladder. With the help of special hoses with a mouthpiece, the player can drink water or isotonic drinks at any time, without the need to stop and take out bottles or water canteens. Products in this category are small and light, so players do not feel their weight. What is important, a good hydration system does not hamper movement either.
    A hydration system is very useful, especially during extreme heat, when physical activity is twice as intense. It is also worth remembering that in very exhausting games, the body needs not only water, but also chemical elements necessary for the proper functioning. In such cases it is worth replacing water with an isotonic drink or dissolving electrolytes in it. 

    Airsoft hydration systems – mounting

    As far as hydration systems are concerned, solutions can also be tailored to individual preferences in this product category. The offer of recommended manufacturers includes backpacks with a traditional harness and pockets, but also special mounting systems such as MOLLE/PALS. This system is an additional advantage of tactical equipment, as it allows for a stable mounting of additional accessories, so as to ensure maximum comfort of use without limiting the player's mobility.
    In the wide range of products. you can find hydration systems of different sizes and bladder capacities, which allows you to adjust the product to your individual needs. Some models also include additional material, blocking UV radiation and insulating the contents against external temperature. Thanks to this, water or isotonic drinks will keep the appropriate temperature for a longer time.