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Airsoft helmets

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Airsoft helmet - basic equipment for airsoft shooters

Headgear is a basic piece of equipment used during airsoft skirmishes. Among various caps and helmets, military helmets deserve special attention. Not only can they be used as a protective element, but they are also an important part of styling during historical reenactments, greatly increasing the realism of enacted scenarios.

What is the purpose of airsoft helmets?

Military helmets are one of the most important pieces of equipment for every soldier. But are they equally important in airsoft? Although they are not obligatory equipment, required by all organizers of airsoft events, but some players still like to them during shootouts. There are several arguments in favour of using them. Let's look at some of the most important ones.

Helmet / headgear as head protection or tactical equipment

The first and fundamental role of any helmet is to protect the head. Although airsoft is a very safe sport, injuries can still happen in the heat of battle. Firefights are most often conducted in forests or in various types of rooms, with fast-paced and unpredictable scenarios, requiring on-the-spot, instant reactions. Painful hits to the head are a common threat, which could however be protected against by a helmet. It can also be an element of your tactic. If you like using camouflage on the battlefield and want to hide well from the enemy, the appropriate headgear will help you as much as your camouflage uniform.

Airsoft helmet as an element of styling

Helmets used in airsoft can also be replicas of actual helmets, used by soldiers of various armies, in various historical periods. In those cases, they’ll provide a great accessory to complete the styling for taking part in historical reenactments - also those more contemporary to our times. Airsoft games’ scenarios of are often based on battles and wars that took place in recent years, e.g. in the Middle East. If we want to ensure the greatest possible realism of the staged events, a full uniform, along with accessories such as a helmet, will definitely help.

Characteristics of military helmets

A tactical helmet is typically military equipment, therefore the range of designs and colors available is usually limited. The military style reigns supreme, i.e. shades of green, earth tones, black and gray. Some helmets are also covered with camouflage, which allows the user to blend in even better with the terrain. Airsoft helmets are most commonly made of reinforced plastic, with metal models also available - usually replicas of helmets used during the First and Second World War. Companies specializing in tactical or military equipment are often responsible for their manufacture, guaranteeing high quality and use of durable materials. This type of helmet fulfills its protective role no worse than the models used by the military.

Which type of tactical helmet should you choose?

If you are planning to buy an airsoft helmet, it is definitely worth choosing a product by a proven brand - well-crafted and durable. Only then will it prove itself in combat, without the risk of coming apart in its first battle. The more advanced helmet models not only look great, but are also more functional. A helmet with a visor will provide additional protection for the eyesight, and with RIS rails mounted on, you will be able to attach additional accessories, e.g. in the form of lighting.


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