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Airsoft pistol holsters

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Pistol and airsoft pistol holsters

Handguns, i.e. pistols and revolvers, as well as airsoft guns and airsoft revolvers, constitute one of the most popular types of weapons. They have a compact size, making them ideal foe every day carry. They are perfect for self-defense or as a backup airsoft gun / firearm, and their comfortable use is ensured by a special holster. Holsters are accessories in which we can store various models of handguns, and also carry them on our persons.

Handgun - a holster for a pistol or a revolver

The holster not only allows you to safely carry your handgun, but also to quickly retrieve it when necessary. There are universal holsters available on the market, fit for most models of pistols or revolvers, but you can also choose a holster dedicated to a specific weapon. The largest selection of holsters is available for the most popular or even iconic models, such as Glock or Sig Sauer. One of the basic differences that may occur between individual holsters is the material they are made of.

Polymer holster

Polymer holsters are one of the most modern variations available on the market. They are lightweight and can be equipped with additional functions, such as, for example, locking the holstered weapon and intuitive release of the lock when the weapon needs to be removed. A reinforced plastic holster also protects the weapon very well against impact and damage.

Leather holster

The first-ever holsters were leather and remain the most traditional and classic to this day. They look stylish and fit perfectly with historical models of revolvers or pistols. Good quality leather is durable and will serve you for a long time.

Fabric holster

A holster can also be made of fabric - this category includes a whole range of very different models, the price range of which is also very wide. From cheap materials, through webbing and more durable fabrics, to patented materials used by manufacturers of military equipment, such as Cordura. Holsters from the latter category cost more, but at the same time are also way more durable and can additionally be waterproof or particularly tear-resistant.

Other types of holsters

Holsters also differ in the way of mounting / attachment. A belt holster is the most popular solution. It allows quick access to the weapon and can be hidden under a blazer or jacket. The drop leg holster allows for and even quicker draw. It is equipped with straps that allow for a stable placement of the holster on the thigh. This is the perfect place to reach for a weapon at any time, but you have to take into consideration the fact that it will be very clearly visible. The chest holster places the flask of the weapon under the sternum - it can be extended with additional pockets and attaches to outerwear.

If you want more discretion, we recommend a shoulder holster, affixed to a harness. The weapon itself is located under the armpit. It is still easily available, while not very obvious under the outer garments. You can also choose holsters that are part of various systems of military equipment. They can be attached to backpacksbelts or vests, which are also a part of the given system.

The holster vs the airsoft gun

Airsoft shooters also make frequent use of holsters for their airsoft pistols and revolvers. Their functions are the same as for firearms. It's a convenient way to carry an airsoft pistol or airsoft revolver, and a great military fashion accessory to boot. It does not matter whether your airsoft pistol / revolver is your primary or backup weapon - it’s always convenient to have it at hand during battle.

A gun holster is often tailored to a specific model, such as a Glock holster. We are then assured that it is compatible with our airsoft gun. A pistol holster can also be part of an armour system, an example being a holster compatible with the Molle system, which we can easily attach to the other accessories of this tactical equipment.

What type of holster should you choose?

First of all, you have to match the holster to your airsoft gun or handgun. The easiest way is to choose a dedicated model, but it is not always possible, necessitating the choice of a universal holster. If you want the most durable model, we definitely recommend a polymer holster or a model made of Cordura. Equally robust is the Kydex holster - made of thermoplastic. Fabric holsters are often enriched with camouflage, which can be useful during airsoft games. Another useful feature is an additional magazine pouch, thanks to which the holster gains new functionality. It is certainly always worth choosing models from reputable manufacturers, such as the Blackhawk holster. We are then assured that these will be reliable accessories.


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