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Accumulators and batteries 

Some of the most popular replicas used in airsoft are electrically powered units. They are often chosen because they are reliable, modifiable, easy to operate and economical to maintain. A dedicated and charged rechargeable battery is sufficient for their proper operation. This is why batteries are such an important product category in airsoft.

Accumulators - rechargeable batteries - in airsoft

Batteries in airsoft are one of the most important accessories for replicas. Without them, you are not able to use the equipment, which makes your gear actually useless. An additional battery should be included in the basket of every airsoft player, right during the first shopping spree. You should bear in mind that choosing the best one involves several criteria to be taken into account. The most important thing is that it should fit your replica perfectly, but you should also take the following aspects into account:

  • the type of cells - the most commonly chosen cells are LiPo, as they have great performance and long life. Less popular currently are NiMH, LiFe and LiIon;
  • supply voltage - it significantly affects the rate of fire and response to the trigger of the replica, however the higher the voltage, the faster the wear of internal parts;
  • size and shape - a parameter that affects whether the battery will fit into our replica;
  • the type of plug - this is often forgotten, resulting in the need for subsequent reworking.

The following plug-ins are distinguished: T-connect, small Tamiya, large Tamiya.

Battery life

The main advantage of rechargeable batteries is that they are reusable. Of course, you still need to remember to charge and store them properly when they are not in use. Therefore, it is worth getting appropriate microprocessor-based chargers, which have the function of safe charging and storing of batteries. It is also obligatory to get acquainted with their parameters. For example, players often use batteries until they are completely discharged, which causes a significant drop in the parameters and capacity of batteries, or even their damage.

Accumulators and batteries - additional information

In airsoft, not only electric replicas require a power source. Players often need batteries and rechargeable batteries for collimators, torches and other accessories which they take with them to the game. It is always worth remembering to buy proven and good quality copies, which guarantee us reliability, which translates into efficiency during the game.

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