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Airsoft batteries

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Airsoft battery for airsoft guns

The battery is an essential element of every electric airsoft gun. Without a battery, your weapon will simply not operate. Batteries and chargers are therefore the basic equipment for every airsoft player. Their quality also determines the operation time of the airsoft gun on a single charge and its reliability in combat.

Airsoft battery - types

The airsoft market offers both modern-type batteries and older generation batteries. Batteries sometimes come included with your airsoft gun, but they are usually the cheaper and lower quality models. In this case, it definitely advisable to replace the battery with a higher-end model, which will ensure more efficient operation of your airsoft gun. First of all, it should obviously match your model of firearm - different airsoft guns demand different types of batteries.

Lithium battery - LiPo and Li-Ion cells

Lithium batteries are currently the most popular airsoft batteries. Two types of batteries can be distinguished among them: lithium-ion Li-Ion batteries and lithium-polymer LiPo batteries. The lithium-ion battery has a compact size and is also very efficient, with no memory effect present. However, it is also prone to failure when discharged and is easily damaged mechanically. The LiPo battery has even better current efficiency, with an even smaller size. Frequent charging is not a problem - it is even beneficial. It’s not affected by low temperatures. Self-discharge in these batteries is very slow, but care should be taken that they do not discharge below the minimum value set by the manufacturer, as this can lead to ignition.

NiMH and NiCd battery

These are the two oldest types of airsoft gun batteries. The first to be used was the NiCd battery. Although it is resistant to overheating and damage, its capacity is too small for its dimensions. When not used, it is quickly discharged and has a memory effect, and also decomposes in a way that is harmful to the environment. All this means that this type of batteries is no longer used in airsoft. They have been replaced by NiMH batteries, which are more capacious, but are characterized by a shorter life and quick self-discharge. For this reason, airsoft fans most often choose LiPo cells.

LiFe battery

Li-Fe is the newest type of battery used in airsoft. It allows for a higher number of charging cycles than LiPo batteries and is also safer to use.

Batteries vs microprocessor chargers

The battery and charger form a very important set together and must be compatible with each other. Newer types of batteries - Li-Ion and Li-Po require the owner to purchase a microprocessor charger. Thanks to it, you can control the state of charge and protect the battery against overcharging. If you choose a more advanced model, it will also have additional functions, such as automatic shutdown when the battery is fully charged.