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Airsoft camo, camouflage paints

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    Camouflage paints for face and gear

    Camouflage is fundamental, not only in military services but also in airsoft, hunting, and paintball. While camouflage airsoft clothing provides concealment in specific patterns and colors, a true airsoft camo experience doesn't stop there. It's also essential to conceal our faces and airsoft guns, and that's where camouflage paints come into play.

    Why and how to use camouflage paint?

    Camouflage paints are specially designed in traditional military shades. You can choose from various shades like browns, beiges, greens, and grays. Combined, they replicate popular camo patterns like Woodland, Multicam, or Mapa. The colors you use solely depend on your preferences and skills. You can opt for one or two shades or employ a full palette, both for face painting and for applying on your replica.

    Paints for weapons

    Weapon paints should be matte, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. Made from non-toxic ingredients, there's no need to worry about harmful compounds seeping through your skin. Camouflage paints for weapons are often available in spray form, allowing quick application on the guns surface, giving a consistent finish. This method is perfect when painting your gear in one shade. However, for creating intricate camouflage patterns, a sponge-tipped pen is more suitable. It enables one to craft irregular shapes and provide texture. Such camouflage paints can also be used on other accessories and gear. Before using, acquaint yourself with the user manual and details about compatible materials.

    Face camouflage paints

    Face camouflage paints form another category. It's beneficial to camo exposed skin parts as they can easily give away your position. Special face camouflage paints are non-toxic and possess other essential features. They are sweat and water-resistant, ensuring they won't run off during a game. Some even come with a UV filter, offering sunburn protection. Manufacturers also ensure these paints have a non-greasy consistency for added comfort. It's advisable to choose hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic paints to avoid unpleasant surprises. These face camouflage paints often come in convenient sticks, tubes, or containers, facilitating direct skin application

    Another masking tool: camouflage tape

    Painting isn't the only way to camouflage your weapon. If you're aiming for temporary camouflage, camouflage tape might be a better choice. Available in appropriate colors and various airsoft camo patterns, applying tape can be even faster than painting, especially when creating intricate patterns. Painting is more time-consuming, and often requires multiple paints. With camouflage tape, you simply cut and stick to your airsoft gun, marker, or firearm. Plus, it can be removed anytime, leaving no residue on your equipment.