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Tactical vests

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Tactical vests are an element of military equipment which also serves very well in case of survival or airsoft. They facilitate convenient carry of the necessary equipment and accessories. As they were originally used mainly by soldiers and employees of various uniformed forces, they are also extremely functional and durable.

Tactical vest - what are its main characteristics?

Tactical vests are designed to provide the greatest possible level of utility. They always come equipped with pouches and pockets in which you can carry various types of accessories, as well as straps for convenient and accurate fastening.

The military vest is also made of special, extremely durable materials - necessary due to the conditions in which this equipment is used. The tactical vest must be resistant to tearing, cutting and water-resistant. It often comes in camouflage, e.g. the Polish wz. 93, allowing the user to blend in with a given landscape.

What can you use the tactical vest for?

Tactical vests may prove very useful in all sorts of outdoor activities - both work-related and recreational. If you require certain equipment or accessories and need to have quick access to them - and keep your hands free at the same time, the tactical vest is the perfect solution. Airsoft players use it to carry additional magazines or batteries. Survivalists to carry around pocket knives, a tinderbox, provisions or a handy first aid kit. They can be useful even for Crossfitters or mountain hikers.

Tactical vests - types

We can distinguish three main types of tactical vests. Vests with an integrated pocket system are representatives of the old school of military vest design. Smaller and larger pockets are permanently sewn on in one spot and the user cannot rearrange their position. Modern vests, such as the Plate Carrier, make it possible to create personalized configurations. They are equipped with straps to which we attach selected pouches or pockets - they are often compatible with the MOLLE / PALS systems. There are also Chest Rig type vests available on the market, in which the pouches and pockets are placed on a narrow belt, on the harness.

Which vest should you choose?

The choice of the vest model should depend on its designated uses. If you plan to carry light equipment - and not much of it, at that - we recommend the Chest Rig tactical vests. Plate Carriers are more extensive and are a good option for those of you who want to be able to create your own vest pocket layout. It is definitely always worth choosing vests from recognized and recommended manufacturers, who offer the highest quality product.


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