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RAS/RIS rails and covers

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RIS/RAS/SIR Rails for airsoft replicas – what should you know about them?

Rail Interface System and Rail Adaptive System are currently the most common systems for mounting additional accessories to the replicas used by airsoft enthusiasts. RIS rails are characterized by a very simple construction, as the entire length is covered with ladders, which the mounting screw of the given accessory goes through, before being clamped with a special nut. RIS rails are currently the primary method of attaching accessories for light machine guns or assault rifles. Mounting them does not require any additional tools, and the replica can be freely modified to suit the current conditions of the game. Basic accessories, mounted with the help of rails, include such equipment as collimators, scopes or tactical grips.

RIS/RAS/SIR Rails – what are their advantages?

The main advantage of RIS/RAS/SIR rails is that they make it easier to install additional elements such as a laser pointer. The equipment remains stable, even if the game is played under difficult conditions. The rails have an extraordinarily durable construction because they are made using the best materials. It is also worth remembering that RIS rails are fully compatible with all available accessories.

An RIS mounting rail makes it possible to attach many accessories to the airsoft replica, improving the combat capabilities of each player. RIS rails let you mount: tactical lights, optical sights, night vision scopes, laser pointers and tactical grips. This is especially important if the game is played in difficult terrain or at night.

Gunfire offers RIS rails in different sizes, as well as two other popular mounting systems, namely KeyMod and MLOK. Thanks to a wide range of products, all airsoft players can adjust the equipment to their individual needs. All models come from renowned manufacturers of airsoft accessories such as Specna Arms, SHS, 5KU czy G&G.

The kits are supplied with the components needed to mount the accessories on the replica.