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GBB Airsoft

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Spare parts and tuning for GBB (Gas Blow Back) airsoft guns

Among users of GBB airsoft guns, there are mainly people who value realism in airsoft above all else. They not only imitate recoil, but also require manual reloading after changing the magazine or in the case of jamming. So it's no wonder that many users can't imagine going back to electric powered airsoft guns.

Operation and parts for GBB airsoft guns

GBB airsoft guns operate on a completely different principle than electric powered airsoft guns. They are powered by either green gas or CO2 cartridges, which are placed in the magazine. After pressing the trigger, the gun’s mechanism doses the appropriate amount of gas from the magazine, which propels the BB. It is worth remembering that GBB airsoft gun parts are not compatible with electric powered ones. Electric powered airsoft guns were designed to accommodate a gearbox and motor. Unlike GBB models, they do not have the dimensions that fully reflect the original firearms on which they are based on.  Most gas powered airsoft gun parts are not compatible with electric powered ones. The only exception are accessories mounted on the RIS rails or M-Lok rails, such as red dot sightsscopes or grips.

Maintenance and tuning of GBB airsoft guns

GBB airsoft guns do not have a gearbox or other parts known from AEGs, such as springspistons or gears. The trigger mechanism is similar to those found in real firearms. Therefore, GBB maintenance should be limited to cleaning the barrel with a ramrod and periodic lubrication of the valves with silicone oil.  Some users suggest that there should always be a minimum amount of gas in the magazines. In the case of GBB airsoft guns, lubrication of the mechanism is extremely important. However, it is worth remembering that too much applied lubricant, combined with sand from the playing field, can cause the airsoft gun to malfunction. So do not overdo the lubrication, and if you are not sure how much to use, it is better to rely on an experienced technician. 

A popular way to increase the power of GBB airsoft guns is to install valves with higher throughput. It should be remembered that this may result in faster wear of other elements, such as the trigger mechanism or the nozzle. Therefore, it is worth considering replacing these parts with their reinforced counterparts beforehand. A safe way to tune is to install a hop-up bucking and a dedicated inner barrel for GBB airsoft guns. Precision barrels for GBB airsoft guns have a different HU window shape than the ones in AEGs, so they are not interchangeable. 

The uncanny resemblance to original firearms, makes GBB airsoft guns extremely popular among players who value realism and immersion above all else. With a wide range of replacement and tuning parts, you can increase the power of the airsoft guns, so that they can even compete with tuned electric powered ones.


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