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Airsoft Shotguns

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    Shotgun - a cult-status airsoft weapon

    The shotgun is a cult-status, iconic type of weapon that all of you are bound to know very well - for example from westerns and modern Wild West - themed movies. The shotgun is one of the first types of firearm and has a very long history. It was used in many groundbreaking, history-changing conflicts all over the world.

    Certain older models of a shotgun are very appreciated - even loved - by enthusiasts of militaria. They hold a place of honor in many collections. And if you cannot afford the original, you can always buy yourself the next best thing - the Airsoft Shotgun.

    The shotgun - a collector’s weapon

    In the old days, the shotgun was the primary type of weapon and was used in various different environments and contexts - including on the battlefield. These days it has fewer applications, but is still used by hunters and popular in the circles of even uniformed forces. The actual firearm, as well as its airsoft version, are also very eagerly collected and often used as replicas of weapons for historical reenactments.

    The most popular historical shotguns are, for example, the Beretta - a brand that needs no introduction. It is made of combinations of wood and metal, which are additionally decorated with engraving. They have a dignified air and look marvelous, which is why they are one of the most important items in a home weapon collection. The shotgun is a very characteristic weapon, not only in appearance, but also in terms of its handling and operation. 

    The characteristics of the shotgun  

    The smooth-bore shotgun is a weapon that must be reloaded after each shot. This is usually achieved by means of the Pump Action system. Shotgun ammunition consists of fine or coarse shot, placed in 12, 16 or 20 caliber shells. Shotguns can be divided according to the number of barrels. The Double barrel shotgun is the famous, well known model. Also available on the market are triple-barreled shotguns.  

    Shotguns for uniformed forces and for hunters 

    The inability to fire in burst mode makes the shotgun unsuitable for dynamic operations in combat conditions, but it still finds its uses in uniformed forces. Close-up shots from a shotgun are very powerful, so it is used as a tactical shotgun, for the purposes of breaching locked doors.  

    Some hunters also use shotguns when hunting, with Beretta shotguns being a very popular choice in their circles. Both single barrel and double barrel shotguns are available for the enthusiasts of this type of weapon. They are mainly used for hunting birds.  

    Shotgun for recreational shooting 

    The air rifle version of the shotgun can also be used for learning to shoot accurately, for purely recreational purposes. Many people like to shoot at soda cans from time to time, and a shotgun is often used for this fun pastime. An airsoft shotgun can also have a similar application. If for some reason you do not have a license for a firearm, you can always use a replica of the weapon, that requires no permit.  

    Airsoft shotguns - perfect for beginners 

    Airsoft guns are based on actual models of real firearms and are made applying a 1: 1 scale. Although the mechanisms used in them are completely different, realism is very important, that is, as accurately as possible reproducing the appearance of the real firearm, as well as its behavior. A shotgun replica works very well for this, especially a spring-loaded replica, because it needs to be reloaded after each shot. Same as its firearm counterpart.

    The airsoft shotgun is also used in historical reenactments and often serves as a collectible piece in the collections of gun enthusiasts. It is also used in real-life action, i.e. for learning to shoot and in airsoft skirmishes. The airsoft shotgun can be either a backup airsoft gun or a primary weapon - during CQB games, where airsoft gun power limits are in force.

    The airsoft shotgun does not always work for dynamic, real-life operations. This is related to the single-fire-only mode, a characteristic of almost every model of shotgun. The price of the airsoft shotgun is usually much lower than that of other airsoft guns, as its design is, in most cases, very simple - based on a spring mechanism. This makes it more accessible - and affordable - for a larger audience. They are also recommended for beginners who would like to find out whether airsoft is a suitable hobby for them.

    How to choose a BB shotgun? 

    Airsoft shotguns usually feature a very simple design, but a lot also depends on their construction and mechanisms installed inside of a given model. Each airsoft shotgun has its own parameters: dimensions, power and functions. Its most important feature, however, is the power source, which is available in three types. 

    Airsoft shotgun - which power source to choose? 

    The airsoft gun can have a spring, gas or electric power source. An airsoft shotgun is usually powered by a spring. One example is the Mossberg 500 (MP003A) - AGM shotgun, which uses manual spring tension. There are also gas airsoft shotguns and electric airsoft shotguns available on the market, but those are not commonly used solutions, and this type of airsoft shotgun will also be much more expensive. 

    The airsoft shotgun and its power

    Each airsoft shotgun has its own power statistic - i.e. the force with which it fires a BB from the barrel - expressed in FPS. The higher this statistic, the better the range of the shotgun is usually. However, high power is not always desirable. If you want to take part in CQB-type events, make sure that your airsoft shotgun does not exceed 350 FPS - the limit applicable in CQB scenarios. The aforementioned Mossberg 500 airsoft shotgun offers power right inside this limit, i.e. 350 FPS. If it were even a bit more powerful, you wouldn't be allowed to play.

    Who is the airsoft shotgun meant for?

    The airsoft shotgun is actually a perfect weapon for anyone who would like to start their shooting adventure. You don't have to invest large sums to purchase your own shotgun. You can get used to the handling of weapons and their use, as well as practice shooting. And if you are a firearm enthusiast, you must have at least one airsoft shotgun in your collection! After all, it is an iconic weapon.


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