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Airsoft BBs / Airsoft Ammo

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Airsoft BBs - ammunition for airsoft guns

BBs are the only type of ammunition allowed for airsoft guns. Their caliber is usually 6 mm, but they can have different weights, starting from 0.12 g. Airsoft ammunition is made of various types of polymers with their quality dependent on the precision of workmanship. All this means that you can find very different airsoft ammunition on the market, and your shooting results also depend on the selection of the right BBs.

BBs and their types

Standard 6 mm airsoft ammunition is made of plastic, but recently biodegradable BBs have been gaining increasing popularity on the airsoft market. They are made only of natural materials, such as a mixture of starch and sugar, and decompose in humid environment. Precision BBs, on the other hand, are very well balanced and smooth, so there is no risk that they will get stuck in the barrel or change their flight path unexpectedly. Inferior quality airsoft ammunition may be less satisfactory in this regard.

6 mm BBs also differ in weight, which can be 0.12 g, 0.25 g, 0.30 g, or even over 0.50 g. The weight of airsoft ammunition is chosen depending on the power of a given airsoft gun - but more on that in a moment. Now’s the time to bring up the tracer BBs, which have fluorescent properties and are designed to be used in dark environments. Combined with a special, dedicated sound suppressor, they guarantee quite a spectacular effect.

BB parameters vs airsoft gun performance

The weight of 6 mm BBs should be adjusted according to the type of airsoft gun. The lightest 0.12 g BBs will perform best with spring airsoft guns, with a muzzle velocity below 230 FPS. Airsoft guns with higher muzzle velocity require heavier airsoft ammunition. Said velocity usuallt ranges from 250 to 430 FPS, therefore one of the most popular airsoft ammunition on the market weighs 0.25 g. If your weapon of choice is an airsoft sniper rifle, you need BBs with a weight of 0.30 g or more. Why does this matter? In airsoft guns with high muzzle velocity, the BBs are fired with more power. Thanks to the higher weight, they can achieve a more optimal flight path, fly further and with increased certainty of hitting your chosen target.

What type of BBs should you choose?

First of all - perfectly suited to the parameters of your airsoft gun. It is best to choose precision seamless BBS that have a smooth surface and are perfectly round. In combination with a precision barrel, they are bound to guarantee great results. Eco-friendly airsoft ammunition currently matches the quality of plastic products, so they also work well in airsoft. Remember also that larger, bulk packages are more cost-effective, and you can buy BBs even by kilograms.