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HPA parts and accessories

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    Parts and Accessories for HPA Airsoft Guns - What Should You Know?

    HPA airsoft guns are characterized by their faster trigger response, superior shot repeatability, and easier tuning. They also have a reputation for being reliable, which is no surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular among airsoft players.

    How do HPA airsoft guns work?

    HPA (High Pressure Air) engines are mounted in place of the cylinder. A controller connected to a small LiPo battery pack and a power source, which is a bottle with a pressure regulator, powers them. An electric valve inside the engine controls the dose of compressed air needed for the shot.

    Regardless of the final power, much smaller forces act on the mechanism of an airsoft gun with an HPA engine than on the components of an electric gun. By installing an HPA conversion, we get rid of the most failure-prone parts of AEGs, like the airsoft motor, piston, or gears, leaving only the GB skeleton and the trigger bar.

    Are HPA airsoft guns reliable?

    The most critical points of an HPA airsoft gun are the controller, electrical connectors, and the engine itself, which houses the nozzle. The HPA engine is a precision device, so it's essential to remember about proper maintenance. Properly used elements of the pneumatic system, such as connectors, quick couplings, or hoses, should not cause problems. Most often, damages occur as a result of accidents, such as hitting the regulator against a wall or tearing the cable against a branch.

    Is the service of HPA airsoft guns more complicated than AEGs?

    Anyone who has ever serviced their AEG independently, especially one without a quick spring exchange system, knows the feeling and questions that accompany the closing of the two halves of the GB frame. Has the spring guide jumped into place? Are the gears, contact cube, and trigger elements well-positioned? Are the cables not cut? One wrong move, and all parts literally pop out.

    The process of servicing HPA airsoft guns is significantly simpler. The engine assembly involves placing it in the gearbox frame and attaching the unit controlling the operation of the trigger and solenoid valve. It's also necessary to lead the power cable to the battery pack and the hose to the bottle with a quick connector through the pistol grip. Once the airsoft gun is correctly assembled, calibration can begin, i.e., selecting the appropriate air dose, the speed of the valve opening and closing, and choosing the correct outlet pressure from the bottle. Some HPA engines also offer the ability to freely program the fire mode, such as a three-shot burst or blocking continuous fire for DMR-type airsoft guns.

    The mentioned advantages make HPA airsoft guns, including airsoft rifles and carbines, very popular among users. It's worth considering them if you prioritize reliability and straightforward service, which can be performed independently.