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Airsoft receivers and conversions

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    Metal bodies for tuning airsoft replicas 

    Tuning in airsoft is growing in popularity. Players increase the performance of their replica, increase its ergonomics, boost its durability, but also improve it visually. Many accessories, such as metal bodies, are available from manufacturers just for such purposes.

    Tuning in airsoft

    In the airsoft world, upgrading your equipment has become a quite common practice. These modifications significantly affect the performance of the replica. Not only do players improve range, rate of fire, or power in this way, but they often opt for additional items to improve the handling of their equipment and enhance its appearance. One such improvement might be to replace the body in the replica with a metal one.

    Advantages of body replacement

    Tuning, which involves replacing the body, gives the replica a decidedly new character. The metal body will make it not only more visually appealing, but also closer to the original. It is worth remembering that this type of body will also significantly improve the durability of the replica, especially against mechanical damage, which is quite common in airsoft. Falls overturns or accidental hits with a speeding bullet often happen during a game, so it becomes important to protect the replicas. Proper tuning may help. The metal bodies guarantee that the equipment will endure more than bodies made of plastic.

    Compatibility of metal bodies

    When buying and replacing the body in your replica, you must remember a very important issue - the proper selection of a particular model that will fit your replica. Unfortunately, players, especially beginners, often forget about this, which puts them at risk of additional work to fit the body to their replica, but also additional costs. It is important to choose accessories for tuning, paying attention to the particular model, but also the manufacturer. For example, parts for an AK47 replica from one manufacturer, may not fit the same model released by another company. Before buying, always make sure that the item will fit your replica without any problems. Representatives of the manufacturer or service technicians of this type of equipment will certainly help you.