Optical aiming devices

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Types of optics in airsoft

The optics used in the airsoft replicas translate into their better parameters and, consequently, greater player efficiency. You should know the types of optics available and the system of their installation. We suggest what to look for when buying.


Collimators are an optical system that works perfectly for medium and close distance. The main advantages include its low weight and the ability to focus on the target in a shorter time. Collimator scopes have been used since the 1960s, when Swedish N. Ruder presented the first opaque viewfinder. Since then, it has been fitted out in almost every military unit in the world.

When choosing the right collimator, you need to know the answer to some basic questions. Do you want to use a collimator with multiple magnification or do you prefer to see an image with no magnification? The first solution works well with replicas of assault rifles and DMR. It allows precise long-distance targeting and adjustment of the replicas to match the distance from the target. However, you need to remember that the range of the regulation itself is not as large as that of a scope. The second system was created for short distance shooter games, where less weight and shorter aiming time are of importance.


Scopes are a targeting system used for medium and long distance games. They are usually heavier than collimators and their main difference is the magnification, usually ranging from 4x to 12x, with the lens size exceeding 40 mm. This solution is ideal for forest shooters or for providing cover for other players of your team from a distance. However, it does not work at all in CQB conditions.

Laser pointers

Laser pointers are more like a complement to the targeting devices than to the viewfinder itself. Their mounting system differs from the mounting of scopes and collimators, as they are usually located on a side or bottom mounting rail. Systems of this type enable a shot to be fired at short range without prior targeting. However, they do not work over long distances, because the light trail you are aiming along disappears. For this reason, it sometimes happens that the laser pointer is integrated with another targeting aid, e.g. a collimator (this is the case with EOLAD 2 LS).

Anyone who wants to use a system of additional optics should also think about its proper protection. The glasses and lenses are very delicate and may be easily accidentally damaged by a ball. That is why the so-called protectors have been created, e.g. in the form of slices, applied in front of the collimator or a special mesh that weakens (slows down) the ball before it hits the glass. Currently, the most popular are Killflash and Aegis M covers.

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