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Airsoft SMG

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Airsoft submachine guns are one of the most popular airsoft gun models. They are functional, perform well on the battlefield and can be used in various airsoft scenarios. If you are looking for a universal airsoft gun with which you will be able to actively participate in intense firefights, your best choice will be airsoft assault rifles or airsoft SMG.

Airsoft SMG - characteristics

Airsoft submachine guns are compact models that closely resemble their real, firearm counterparts. They are extremely mobile, like BB handguns, while offering the functionality of airsoft assault rifles. You can use them in single fire mode, but also choose bursts or continuous fire, which is extremely important in the heat of battle. Airsoft submachine guns can be powered by electricity or gas. In the latter case, you have a choice between CO2 or green gas.

Electric submachine guns - construction and functioning

Electric submachine guns are equipped with a gearbox, i.e. a mechanical-electrical system. Its task is to activate the individual parts of the airsoft gun. This is achieved by means of a motor that obtains electrical current via the battery - another basic and very important element of an electric airsoft gun. The working time of your airsoft gun depends on the battery, so it is worth choosing a good quality model. The gearbox should be equally high-class - it is responsible for the smooth operation of the entire airsoft gun.

How do gas airsoft SMG work?

Gas airsoft guns are powered by means of compressed CO2 or green gas. Gas is released when the trigger is pulled. It then expands and thus propels the BB through the barrel. Using gas airsoft guns requires a bit of experience - for example, the ability to assess whether it is necessary to reload the gas - as the gas charge depletes, the value of muzzle velocity of the airsoft gun decreases. This may translate into poorer repeatability of shots, and thus poorer performance.

Another consideration is the ambient temperature which also affects the functionality of the gas. Carbon dioxide in particular is very susceptible to this factor and does not expand very well at low temperatures. If you intend to take part in airsoft battles all year round, an electric airsoft submachine gun will be a more reliable choice.

What are the most common applications of airsoft SMG?

Airsoft SMG are universal models that work very well both in open terrain and shooting at medium ranges, as well as in CQB games, where distances are much smaller. Due to their compact dimensions, they are easy to maneuver in closed quarters, but you must first check the muzzle velocity of the given model. Especially in the case of a CO2 powered airsoft gun, where the muzzle velocity is often higher than that allowed in CQB scenarios.

Airsoft submachine guns - models and brands

Airsoft SMG usually imitate actual firearm designs, with the airsoft market offering all the most popular models. Some of them are manufactured under license, such as Heckler and Koch airsoft pistols by Umarex, which imitate the famous MP5 or MP7. Airsoft SMG are usually electric-powered, but you also have the choice of gas airsoft guns. The Tokyo Marui brand is the leader in their production. Many other airsoft brands also have airsoft submachine guns in their offer - everyone will surely find something to suit their tastes.