Airsoft Submachine gun (SMG)

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Submachine guns for airsoft - things to know 

Airsoft submachine guns provide a fire advantage during the game, but at the expense of a smaller range. This is the most popular weaponry of real security units and police special units.

Submachine guns for airsoft - where does their popularity come from?

Submachine guns owe their rather disgraceful fame to New York mobs, who eagerly bragged about their possession, as a way to intimidate whole districts. It was the Thompson model that Al Capone's people became infamous for on Saint Valentine's Day of 1929. In the following years, submachine guns were used on the frontline of the Second World War because of their firing speed and low weight. The German MP40, the American Thompson, the Russian PPSH and the Japanese Type 100 have become symbols of this conflict, and their effectiveness has since made them the equipment of choice in most military units.

Through such widespread use, many very good replicas of the most popular models appeared on the market. They are eagerly used by many airsoft enthusiasts. From the legendary MP5 (in various variants used by S.A.S and GROM units), through the innovative Scorpion EVO (whose interesting design has again attracted the world's attention to the Czech school of weaponry design), to the futuristic MP7 and Vector (gaining recognition and popularity not only through innovative solutions, but also through many computer games and films). It was Vector that became popular in pop culture thanks to "The Division" and the new version of "Total Recall".

Submachine gun replicas in CQB

With such a wide selection, many such replicas are used in CQB games and reconstruction groups. As far as the latter military events are concerned, it is worth knowing that literally all armies of the modern world used this type of weaponry. 

Thanks to their compact size, replica submachine guns are also an ideal complement to the operational capabilities of a sniper or support soldier. Neither a sniper rifle, nor a replica used for support is suitable for building surveillance operations, though. A normal airsoft pistol, on the other hand, often lacks firing speed that would allow the team to increase its chances at winning the game. Precisely in such circumstances, many people decide to use an MP5K replica, whose construction is compact and lightweight, and at the same time allows it to be carried freely with all necessary equipment.

Whether you love the CQB or you are interested in reconstructing actual battles, you will be able to find the right replica of a submachine gun just for you.

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