Machine guns

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    Machine guns in airsoft

    A replica of a machine gun is a dream of every boy who followed John Rambo's endeavours. MMG nonchalantly held in one hand, opponents shaking in fear... Not a common sight in airsoft. It is therefore worth knowing what type of machine gun to choose.

    What constitutes a machine gun in airsoft?

    The division into replicas of heavy and light machine guns is quite ambiguous in airsoft. According to some definitions, it depends on calibre and weight, and according to others - on the possibility to be used by a single team member. However, its role in airsoft remains unchanged - a machine gun has to have a greater range than assault replicas and has to shoot in long series, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the team.

    Replicas of heavy machine guns

    In airsoft all replicas shoot 6mm balls. Heavy machine guns can therefore be considered to be much larger and heavier than traditional assault replicas. Most popular constructions are M249 Minimi, PKM, RPD or M60. Fans of the second war climate will also appreciate the Mg42 replica, and the real rarity of the airsoft game is the ASG Minigun, equipped with the Gatling system and 6 rotating barrels.

    Regardless of the design, all these replicas are designed to generate long shooting series. This is evidenced by automatically enhanced box magazines, massive bipods, as well as specially designed gearbox frames, adapted to withstand higher loads. The weight of these replicas starts at 7 kilograms and reaches as much as 12 kg. Handling of such heavy equipment requires a certain amount of strength and persistence.

    Light machine gun for airsoft

    The light machine gun for airsoft is a great alternative to heavy replicas. It is not much heavier than that of the assault models, but it is equipped with drum magazines that can hold up to 2000 balls. Examples of such replicas are RPK, MG36 or constructions based on AR15. Replicas of lightweight machine guns are equipped with standard V2 and V3 gearboxes. On the one hand, gearbox frames are not designed to handle long series, but on the other hand, spare parts are cheap and easily accessible.

    Is an airsoft machine gun a good choice?

    Some people point out that the power and range of these replicas does not differ significantly from assault rifles. They may be of the opinion that it is not worth carrying extra kilos, especially if the game is played out over a large area. It is impossible to deny a certain logic to these arguments, but for those with a Machinegunner soul would say that no assault replica provides as much fun as a huge machine gun.

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