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Airsoft machine guns - LMG

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    Airsoft machine guns are one of the largest airsoft guns present on the battlefield. They are usually of a hefty weight and have large dimensions. These are tools designed for special tasks and will not be suitable for every player. However, if you like to feel true power in your hands and don't mind the extra few kilograms of equipment, then you will definitely love airsoft machine guns! They faithfully imitate the most famous models of firearms - including historical ones. The airsoft market offerairsoft rifles astoundingly similar to the cult-status models, such as the MG42 or M1918. 

    What airsoft machine guns do we have to choose from?

    Machine guns are weapons whose most important function is the possibility of continuous fire, and consequently - a relentless, continuous attack on the enemy. It’s thus logical that this is an automatic type of weapon, that must be equipped with a large amount of ammunition. The same is also true in the case of airsoft machine guns and so, in order for them to fulfill their designed tasks, they are usually equipped with an electric motor. It offers much wider possibilities, because the manufacturer can design their airsoft gun in such a way that it can fire both in continuous fire-, burst- and single fire- modes. We also thus gain a high rate of fire and repeatability of shots. For this reason, the airsoft market offers mainly electric airsoft machine guns. They can be replicas of lighter, mobile models, as well as replicas of heavy machine guns, which are sold in a set with a bipod.

    Light machine gun (LMG) - what kind of airsoft gun is it?

    The light machine gun (LMG) is a light-weight machine gun, whose performance and dimensions do not qualify it to be classified as a heavy or manual model. Its weight ranges from 4-7 kilograms, but the LMG airsoft guns are usually not that heavy, even though steel is sometimes used for their production, as in the case of the SA-249 PARA CORE™ light machine gun airsoft replica. They mostly consist of electric models, and can be customized with functions that increase the immersion and realism factor when using them.

    What type of scenario is the BB machine gun best suited for?

    Airsoft machine guns and LMG - light machine guns work well as supporting weapons. These models are meant for those of you who do not want to take part in a frontline attack, but plan to support your team from a distance - from a spot where we have a better overview of the situation and thus can halt the enemy advance that our team members cannot see yet. This is a very important role in a team, in which a machine gun is virtually irreplaceable - but not everyone will find it a right fit. If you prefer offensive actions, want to attack, run around a lot and take part in intense combat, then an assault rifle or a much smaller and lighter submachine gun will be a better choice.

    Airsoft machine guns work well in games played in the open field. For example - during long-time MilSims, when there is space and time to set up your equipment and wait for the opponent. Where tactics count and the game is very similar to real warfare. The machine gun will be perfect for such events. On the other hand, it will most definitely not work well in speedsoft and CQB scenarios. 

    The airsoft machine gun - what should it have?

    Machine guns belong to the same category of weapons as assault rifles, so they will have many things in common: the structure and functions characteristic of this type of weapon. This is also true in the case of their airsoft versions. They also have a lot in common, but they differ in parameters and possibilities, which are often crucial on the battlefield. Airsoft machine guns will most likely be equipped with long barrels and capacious magazines, but they may differ in the materials used for manufacture and the internal mechanisms installed, influencing their performance and handling.

    Airsoft machine guns - functions and parameters

    Airsoft machine guns are usually made of metal, steel and durable synthetics. The percentage share of these materials can vary greatly - depending on the model. Models dominated by plastics will be lighter than models with many metal elements. The airsoft machine gun should however uniformly provide the possibility of continuous fire, as this is its basic function. Certain models offer more options, allowing for single shots or bursts, so they will prove themselves in various circumstances. The airsoft machine gun should have decent performance stats - for this, you need a strong gearbox and motor. It is best if they are adapted to work with stronger springs. The quick spring change system is then very useful, as it significantly shortens the mounting time.

    What else can an airsoft machine gun have in store for us?

    Airsoft machine guns are often equipped with additional accessories. You can choose a set with a bipod right away, which is very useful in the case of heavier models. An interesting addition is the dummy cartridge belt, thanks to which the airsoft machine gun looks more realistic - it is useful during cosplay and in historical reenactments. Speaking of ammunition, it is definitely worth paying attention to the capacity of the airsoft machine gun’s magazine, because the differences can be quite significant in this case. Of course, if we want to be able to furiously spray our opponent with a hail of BBs, it is best to choose the most capacious model.