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Tactical belt and suspenders

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Tactical belt for field tasks 

A tactical belt is the basic equipment of uniformed forces - but it also works great for survival or airsoft events. Tactical belts are also often used by hunters or other people whose daily work or other activities are performed outdoors. If you carry a lot of equipment with you and you want it to be always at hand, then the tactical belt will quickly become your best friend. Suspenders perform a similar function, with the difference that they are worn on the shoulders. 

Tactical belt with equipment or suspenders 

The tactical belt, as well as tactical clothing, are elements adopted from the military and put to civilian use. They are very well designed, because they have to survive extreme circumstances. Thus, they can be very useful also in everyday life. Military clothing with, for example, MultiCam camouflage is used by survivalists, airsoft or paintball players, or even fishermen and hunters. They often equip their military trousers with special belts, to which various tactical accessories can be attached. 

Suspenders and tactical beltsapplications 

The military belt is extremely durable and provides comfort of carrying various types of items to which we want to have quick access - a flashlight, multitool, knife or extra batteries, or spare BBs for airsoft guns. You can choose a simple military tactical belt, which will be equipped with Velcro to attach various elements, or, for example, a special modular tactical MultiCam belt, with pockets and compartments.  

Tactical belts can also be combined with suspenders. Suspender harnesses are considered by many people to be even more comfortable, as the weight of all the gear is distributed more evenly. The suspenders provide additional support. You can also choose a tactical harness without a belt, with pouches and pockets, in which it is also possible to put away individual tactical equipment accessories.  

Tactical belts and suspenders - types  

Simple belts and suspenders make it easy to attach various types of accessories, which allows each of you to create your own set of the most important tactical tools. You can choose holsters and magazines, or knife sheaths. This type of military belt looks like a regular trouser belt - one example is the Helikon-Tex tactical belt from the Range Line collection. They are usually made of light and durable nylon, on the inside of which there is a Velcro that allows you to attach the equipment you need.  If, on the other hand, you prefer tactical belts with a system of pockets in which you can put individual accessories, we can definitely recommend the operator tactical belt belonging to the Molle system.  

The Molle tactical belt - what is the whole Molle system all about?  

Molle is a system used by the US military to carry personal equipment. It consists of several elements that can be freely combined with each other, and also includes a modular tactical belt with equipment. Molle tactical belts are made in military colors and camouflage. They can consist of various sizes of pouches and belts, in which individual accessories can be placed. Of course, not only Molle tactical belts feature this type of construction. 

Tactical belt with pouches attached to trousers 

There are also other belts and suspenders on the market that offer the same possibilities as the Molle military belt. Their structure is very similar. They also consist of a set of pouches that will accommodate various types of tools and items, such as a handy first aid kit or a magazine. Such a tactical hip belt allows you to comfortably carry even quite heavy equipment. It is filled with foam padding, so that it won’t chafe or pinch. 

Cobra tactical belt from Helikon-Tex, Mil-Tec, Tactical 

Military belts and suspenders are usually manufactured by companies that specialize in designing tactical equipment. As a result, they are very functional and can survive even very difficult conditions without any damage. 

The Blackhawk tactical belt is the work of a company founded by a former American commando - and who, if not an ex-military operator, should know best what works in combat conditions. Mil-Tec, in turn, is the most popular brand of a German company that has been selling military equipment since the 1970s.  Choosing a Mil-Tec, Helikon-Tex, Ultimate Tactical military belt or a similar product by any other company specializing in providing tactical gear, you can be sure that they are perfectly designed, functional and will work in all conditions. 

The best tactical belts and suspenders  

Tactical belts and suspenders can have different designs, and the choice of the right one depends on what you intend to use them for. A weapon - carry tactical belt does not have to be very elaborate. It is enough that a holster and a magazine can be attached to it.  If, in turn, you take part in typical survival trips, belts or suspenders with pockets will certainly be more functional. Pockets and pouches allow to carry those accessories that must be easily accessible and are not suitable for carrying in a backpack. Pay attention to the placement of the pouches - their size and layout - in order to be able to best match the belt to your tactical equipment. You should consider similar issues when choosing an airsoft tactical belt.


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